Wednesday, January 27, 2021


We've had some fun times as a family playing Marvel super hero themed tabletop games from Usaopoly such as MUNCHKIN MARVEL EDITION and THANOS RISING. Now The Op Games is releasing a new Marvel themed game that this dad blogger is geeked to play called SMASH UP: MARVEL. This is the first licensed adaption of the popular Smash Up card game and it is fantastic that is bringing Marvel heroes and villains into this game. To drum up some excitement for the February debut of SMASH UP: MARVEL, The Op Games is hosting a super giveaway!

CLICK HERE for a chance to win your own collection of Marvel games courtesy of Usaopoly. One lucky winner will receive a prize bundle that includes the brand new SMASH UP: MARVEL as well as The Op Games Marvel Collector's Chess Set, Codenames Marvel and Munchkin Marvel Edition. Entries need to be submitted by 11:59 pm PT on January 31, 2021. Must be a United States resident over 18 years to be eligible for this marvelous giveaway.

Smash Up is a shufflebuilding game where players build decks of cards that contain different characters with amazing powers. Players collect cards to create a fantasy team with the goal of smashing into the most bases which are designated by tabletop placemats. The number of bases in a game is the number of players plus one. So there can be 3-5 bases in a match. Defeat the minions defending a base with your team to score points needed to win the game. This new edition of the game adds Marvel super heroes and villains into the action. 

Utilize cards featuring different Marvel characters, powers or gear to manage your deck, impact your opponents and take over bases. Score the most victory points to win! Mix and match the different decks of heroes and villains to see which combinations can best defeat the others! 

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