Monday, February 22, 2021


dracula of transylvania

This year marks the 90th anniversary of Universal Pictures releasing DRACULA which began an era of classic monster movies from the studio featuring iconic characters ranging from The Creature from the Black Lagoon to Frankenstein. In commemoration of the occasion, noted author and artist Ricardo Delgado is publishing through Kickstarter a novel which expands upon the Bram Stoker story that inspired the 1931 movie about Dracula starring Bela Lugosi as the infamous Count from Transylvania. The Kickstarter campaign for Delgado's 428 page hardcover DRACULA OF TRANSYLVANIA book runs through March 25 with a delivery date for pledgers in the summer of 2021.

ricardo delgado

In DRACULA OF TRANSYLVANIA, the year is 1899. Young Solicitor Jonathan Harker braves ghosts, demons, living skeletons, and armies of rats—all of which pale in comparison to his encounters with Dracula of Transylvania, the Son of Satan. The demonic, shapeshifting vampire imposes his wrath, malice and vengeance upon an England about to enter the Modern Era. The romantic side of Dracula is tossed aside and the pure horror of his vileness incarnate is portrayed in this book written by Ricardo Delgado.  He’s spent the past thousand years putting sword to flesh and tearing at the tapestry of history as the son of Satan himself. Kings, Popes and armies fear Dracula. And this story shows why you should too!


In addition to writing DRACULA OF TRANSYLVANIA, Ricardo Delgado also drew 28 lavish illustrations that are incorporated into the book. This aspect of the book really stands out based upon Delgado's reputation as a story board artist for Hollywood movies including Apollo 13, Men in Black, Jurassic Park 3, and Star Trek: First Contact. He has also created a dinosaur comic book series, Age of Reptiles, for Dark Horse Comics, and written two novels, the children’s novella Sam Specter and the Book of Spells and the hard-boiled science fiction noir Warhead. Click here to check out his DRACULA OF TRANSLYVANIA Kickstarter campaign.

To further bring Dracula to life, enact your own vampire encounters with BendyFigs from Noble Toys. Their Universal Monsters Collection let you pose and play with Dracula, The Monster from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein and Frankenstein's Bride to imagine your own horror movie scenes. The Dracula BendyFig is approximately 7 inches high and comes equipped with a fabric cape and Hollywood film themed display base. Avoid his mesmerizing gaze because this officially licensed vampire toy wants to drink your blood!


BendyFigs feature an enclosed wire frame hidden within a rubbery body allowing these action figures to be posed without the need of visible joints that can distract from a toy's appearance. This makes them stand out from other action figures and great for displaying. For more information about BendyFigs or to purchase some head over to


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