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Being a parent is quite an intense responsibility to have. The moment you become one, the orbit of your life changes. You are no longer the most important person in your life from that moment on, or at least this is the way you begin to think, which is a pretty strange concept to get to grips with. Furthermore, being a parent is so loaded with the responsibility that it’s very easy to focus on doing everything perfectly right’ rather than authentically learning and taking it as it comes. 

You’d be forgiven for thinking that way. Just remember you don’t have to be perfect to be a great parent, and you will make mistakes along the way. What matters is getting the main things right, such as spending enough time with them, or choosing the best preschool for their needs.

What’s most important is learning how to make the most of parenthood. This gives you the chance to not only become a better parent, but also one who is able to appreciate the good times while they’re here. It may seem that your responsibilities last forever, but sooner rather than later your child will be asking you to view apartments with them and they want to move on and leave the nest. 

Cherishing their childhood years while they are here is very important. How can we best do that? Here are a few thoughts to consider from a dad blogger whose own kids have grown up way faster than he thought they would:

Don’t Be Afraid Of Frivolity 

Don’t be afraid of being frivolous and silly. Having a child can age you many years, or it can keep you young at heart. Having a fun language with which to communicate with your family is normal, even if that’s singing a silly jingle and making funny faces with your children from time to time. It’s about sitting with them and watching children’s cartoons, and finger painting, and being silly. Don’t be afraid of frivolity. It can lead to the most fun and cherished memories you have.

Document Your Time Together 

Children grow up but you can always keep them at a certain age by documenting those times with pictures and videos of them. Having professional photos of the family taken can be a nice way of looking back at a certain time and place. Making travel videos can help you capture fun moments. Simply keeping a private Facebook album with your digital photos can be a great way of sharing their childhood with your extended family. Write your own dad or mom blog to document your time together!

The Best Things In Parenting Are Free 

The best parts of parenting are free. Helping your child learn how to ride a bike is priceless! Cherish the times they need you for help because they soon won’t. Enjoy funny conversations, spending time in the park, asking them about their school day, and trying new foods together. Sometimes little things like this can add up to the experience you truly do cherish, even if it’s just sitting beside them next to the television and giving them a loving hug.

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