Saturday, February 13, 2021


At the request of pediatricians, award-winning songwriter and educational researcher Erica Rabner wrote the upbeat song Mask On encouraging children to wear mask to protect themselves and others during the pandemic. Schools around the country now play the song as students arrive in the morning to encourage children to mask on during the day. Mask On is a cheery, catchy anthem for addressing an important COVID related issue through children's music. Check out this music video that is meant to spread the message to kids why it is important for them to wear a mask when around others. 

Mask On is one of eight songs in Rabner's upcoming THE COVID ALBUM. This children's music album is full of songs to help kids (and their grownups) survive and thrive during the continuing pandemic. The Covid Album features kid-friendly safety and health-oriented PSAs as well as songs that support children’s emotional well being. These original songs are interspersed with “Real Talk” vignettes with actual kids talking about their experiences in these challenging pandemic times.

If this album piques your interest, CLICK HERE for more info.

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