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When you think of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings novels or the movies based upon them by Peter Jackson the first things that probably come to mind are hobbits, dwarves and wizards. Did you know though that the Lord of the Rings that these books and movies are titled after is actually the villain of the story. A devilish character known as Sauron.

In the lore Tolkien established for his fantasy world the land of Middle-Earth and all the life within it were created by an omniscient and omnipotent creator called Eru Ilúvatar. Acting as emissaries for the mysterious Ilúvatar with the inhabitants of Middle-Earth were demi-god creatures with magical powers known as Valars. One of these Valars was named Sauron.

Sauron had the ability to take any shape he desired and was charming and friendly to the elves, men and dwarves living within Middle-Earth. But like the Norse god Loki, Sauron was a trickster. He desired to trick all of the Free Peoples into being enslaved to him.

Sauron imbued his essence into a number of magical rings that were gifted to the rulers of the kingdoms of mankind, dwarves and elves. These Rings of Power were tied to the One Ring that Sauron crafted for himself giving him mind control power over the wearers of the other rings. Sauron instilled so much of his magical essence into the One Ring that it became a conduit enhancing his supernatural powers. Similar to the Horcrux used in Harry Potter stories by the villain Voldemort, the One Ring essentially made Sauron immortal unless it would be destroyed which then would deplete the demi-god's powers.

As the populations Sauron attempted to enslave rose up against him, a great war took place pitting the orcs, goblins, and other monsters the demi-god commanded against the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth. This culminated in a battle where in the midst of fighting, the Sauron's finger wearing the One Ring was cut from his hand. Sauron fled the battlefield and went into hiding greatly weakened by the loss of his ring. The ring was lost after that battle but not destroyed!

Sauron began rebuilding his armies and sending minions out looking for the ring so he could restore his power. As Sauron's dark presence began impacting Middle-Earth again, Eru Ilúvatar sent five Valars, in the form of human wizards, to stand up against him and side with the Free Peoples. These included two blue wizards who vanished without a trace, the white wizard Saruman, who became corrupted by Sauron, the brown wizard Rhosgobel and Gandolf the Grey. The Valars Gandolf and Rhosgobel eventually assisted in destroying the One Ring with the help of some Hobbits thus vanquishing Sauron. 

Sauron's army utilizes the image of a fiery eye as it emblem in symbolism of the demi-god's intent to rule anything he sees before him in Middle-Earth. The character is also depicted as a fiery eye floating in the air above his Mordor fortress. This floating eye is the magical ability of Sauron to look out from his fortress to see what is going on throughout Middle-Earth because having lost the One Ring his physical form is too weak to risk venturing out. Reunited with the One Ring though, Sauron would regain his ability to have powerful corporeal form as he did before his finger was cut off in battle.

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