Tuesday, February 16, 2021


you vs wild animals on the loose

Thanks to Netflix for sending us this special survival kit to enjoy while watching Bear Grylls' newest project ANIMALS ON THE LOOSE that is now available to view exclusively on the streaming service. My kids and I recently started viewing together his You vs Wild television series which allows viewers to use their remote controls in a choose your adventure style format to determine how the wilderness survivalist gets out of a variety of dangerous situations in locals ranging from the frigid mountains to scorching deserts. We've really enjoyed this tv series which lets you determine how Bear Grylls is going to put his life on the line and are excited that Netflix has expanded upon it with a 90-minute interactive You vs Wild movie titled Animals on the Loose.

When wild animals escape from a sanctuary it is up to Bear Grylls -- and you -- to pursue them. Will the directions you give Grylls help return these creatures to their protective habitats or will it cause Bear to end up as the lunch of a hungry animal?! Lions, baboons and a Bear ... oh my! Animals on the Loose is going to make for an exciting family movie night!

So lets see what is inside our Netflix survival kit:

They sent us a survival guide and some gear that included a tent and lantern. Plus some adventurous goodies to snack on while watching Animals on the Loose: A You vs Wild Interactive Movie. Netflix jokingly included a bag of worms to snack on but if Bear Grylls can jump into shark infested waters and wrestle with snakes, this dad blogger can chew on a few bugs. Challenge accepted!

They really do taste like pizza! Thanks for adding some flavoring to them Netflix. Actually they weren't that bad ... tasted somewhat like pizza flavored Pringles!


animals on the loose

Join in the adventure by watching Animals on the Loose: A You vs Wild Interactive Movie on Netflix. We're geeked to stream it for a family movie night. If you are up for some excitement join us and Bear Grylls in this special interactive You vs Wild exotic expedition to rescue some animals on the loose.

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