Thursday, February 18, 2021


Play chess like Captain Kirk, Spock and the crew of the starship Enterprise did with this screen accurate as seen on the original Star Trek television series game set available now from The Noble Collection. Enjoy a sci-fi angle to this classic game of strategy as players utilize a three dimensional chess board. While the rules are fairly similar to standard chess play there are some 23rd Century adaptions for science fiction fans to geek out over with the tridimensional layout of the game as well as the addition of mobile board sections that are in motion throughout a match. There are new rules to expand the fun of your matches to where no chess game you've played has gone before!

My son and I have been having some good times battling one another in Star Trek Tridimensional Chess. It takes a few games to get down moving up and down in addition to across the chess board. Plus your opponent being able to move board segments offensively and defensively adds an extra dimension of strategy that takes some getting use to. But once you have a few matches under your belt the game becomes comfortable to play and really isn't that intricate to get a grasp on. 

The Noble Collection's Star Trek Tridimensional Chess Set looks just like the one played by Captain Kirk and Spock on the tv show but it isn't just a prop replica. It is a fully playable game adapting chess rules that has provided my family with numerous exciting bouts in our basement game room. Whether you are a chess player or Star Trek fan this game is a great addition to incorporate into your family game nights. Plus it makes an incredible addition for anyone who has Star Trek themed decor in a home or office.

The Star Trek Chess Set is approximately 13 inches tall and features translucent acrylic elevated game boards. 32 diecast game pieces representing traditional chess pawns, bishops, rooks, knights, kings and queens are included with the set. It takes about five minutes to set up the chess set out of the box and begin playing though as I said it may take a few matches before you completely get the new game rules mastered. Once you get the game down this is an energetic, exciting version of chess to play.

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