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I've amped up my enjoyment of March Madness by adding a new 37" Bluetooth sound bar with wireless subwoofer to the television in my den. Wow! I didn't realize how much sound quality that was missing from just using the built-in speakers on the tv. You really get some nice bass from this iLive sound bar so it feels as well as sounds from the subwoofer as if the basketball is bouncing off your floor instead of on a court shown inside the tv screen.

My television doesn't have bluetooth capability so the sound is connected via a optical audio cable. It has sounded crystal clear since I hooked up the sound bar and subwoofer combo from iLive. Took about ten minutes to get everything connected and haven't had a complaint or problem with the setup since I installed it. 

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While I haven't been able to take advantage of the bluetooth capabilities with my television, have enjoyed streaming some of my Spotify music lists from my phone to this iLive sound bar. Appreciate that the remote control that comes with this package clearly identifies home theater and music modes to help users clearly be able to utilize these sound enhancement features which both work great. This soundbar and subwoofer has also made playing video games on the tv sound so much better!

While I have used an optical cord to connect between the sound bar and tv, it is appreciated that the speaker and subwoofer connect wirelessly. Just plug in a separate power cord to the subwoofer, flip the on switch and the subwoofer automatically meshes with the sound bar. The subwoofer interacts well with the sound bar doing a nice job of letting you feel the sound.

37 inch sound bar with wireless subwoofer

I've really enjoyed how this iLive 37" Bluetooth sound bar with wireless subwoofer has enhanced my listening experience. My wife and kids don't like to watch basketball so I'm often relegated to this room to watch games. Now I want to be in there instead of feeling forced to watch games in that room. Thanks iLive for enhancing my special space in the house. I have been so geeked since hooking this sound system up!

iLive provided this dad blogger with a complimentary sound bar system to upgrade my home office / den. Opinions expressed are honest and my own. Other than the featured product to review, I received no financial compensation for this endorsement. You can find this iLive 37" sound bar with wireless subwoofer at Walmart.

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