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Knights Club

Choose your own path through a fantasy adventure with the Knights Club series of middle grade reading level graphic novels from Comic Quests. These comic books incorporate role playing game aspects to provide a fun, interactive reading experience. Pick one of four characters -- a fighter, archer, mage or paladine to embark on a quest with. Tear out from the book or print out at a Quest Tracker sheet to manage your character's health, abilities, and accessories on your journey through a Knights Club adventure.

Each character has unique abilities and there are multiple potential endings in each book making it enjoyable to play through with different heroes and scenarios. For example the paladine can restore lost health points during combat or a mage can cast magic spells and make potions. Different decisions can lead your character down a variety of different paths. There are numerous outcomes to each of the Knights Club quests that are affected through solving puzzles, finding hidden items and battling adversaries. It is up to you whether your adventure succeeds or fails!

My son has a number of the Knights Club books and I decided to flip through the pages of The Alliance of Dragons. I completed a Quest Tracker for a fighter whose special ability is adding extra attack and resistance points to his skills as he gains experience points. You can level up your character by gaining XP that are recorded on your Quest Tracker. Your health is also tracked and can go up and down through the quest. If it reaches zero you are defeated and have to start over at the beginning of the book.

Geek Daddy

My fighter was recruited to rescue the Orc King's daughter who was captured by a band of Vikings. I bravely stormed the gates of the Viking compound to save the princess ... and that didn't go well. Quickly imprisoned in their dungeon it looked like my quest had come to a quick end. But then the Viking leader made me an offer I couldn't refuse. He would release me to hunt down a dragon who was harassing the Vikings and if I killed the beast the Orc Princess would be returned to her royal family.

Knights Club

This wasn't going to be easy though! I had to fight my way through a forest filled with bandits and zombies to make my way to the dragon's lair. To battle these foes there is a combat wheel that can be torn out of the book or printed from the Knights Quest section of Spin a pencil around the wheel when you are in combat to determine your actions. Utilizing the combat wheel which decides if you hit or miss in an attack in combination with your adversaries stats printed in the book and your own skills listed on your Quest Tracker determine outcomes. So winning these encounters depend both on strategy and chance. These aspects of Comic Quests combine elements of the Choose Your Own Adventure books I loved as a kid with role playing games like Dungeon & Dragons to create comic books you can play.

How to play

After conquering a number of obstacles that included riddles, puzzles and a number of fights, it was time to tackle the dragon!

Knights Club

The dragon was fierce and it looked very likely that my fighter was going to become its next meal. But ultimately I prevailed defeating the monster! The Viking leader true to his word returned the Orc Princess to her home. Mission accomplished ... or was it? I discovered there are three more dragons lurking in this book to be encountered. Time to take another run through the story!

Geek Daddy

Evolve from squire to knight by engaging in the quests of all four Knights Club books: The Alliance of Dragons, Bands of Bravery, The Buried City and The Message of Destiny. Targeted for middle grade readers ages 8 to 12 years old this 40 year old dad had a good time too immersing himself in these medieval themed fantasy adventures filled with magic and monsters. I also like there are scenarios in these stories where stereotypical monsters are presented as victims, heroes and allies demonstrating to readers that you can't always judge a book by its cover so to speak. Now  onto the next adventure → The Buried City.

Knights Club

An exciting and entertaining way to encourage reading Knights Club books have earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval. Nicely illustrated and filled with problems to solve and battles to imagine involving strategic thinking these graphic novels are great for reading through over and over again. Fans of comic books and fantasy adventures are sure to be geeked to join in a Knights Club quest.

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