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marvel united game

My family has been having some good times enjoying game nights playing the Avengers themed MARVEL UNITED tabletop game produced through a collaboration between CMON and Spin Master Games. This game allows players to roleplay as some of their favorite superheroes trying to prevent the master plans of some of the most dangerous and dastardly villains from a mashup of the Marvel cinematic and comic book universes. Marvel United doesn't have complicated rules yet has challenging scenarios making it an exciting and entertaining experience that all ages of a family can enjoy playing together. This has been a great game for this dad to enjoy playing with his tween aged kids for family game nights.

Based upon all the fun we have been having with Marvel United, I am GEEKED that an addition to the game is being released that brings in the X-Men into the game. In time for this year's Christmas shopping season an X-Men themed Marvel United core game that can be played alone or is compatible with the original Avengers themed core box will be available at retailers such as Amazon, Target and Walmart. But if you want the full X-Men experience there is a Kickstarter campaign going on right now for a limited time that offers exclusive game perks as well as add-on purchasable expansions which won't be available later on from traditional retailers. 

The money raised through this crowd funding platform creates stretch goals that provide extra bonus content and characters for people who participate in the Kickstarter game. Don't miss out on the chance to get these exclusive Kickstarter opportunities as later on the only way to typically get your hands on them is through e-Bay style outlets for outlandish amounts of money. The more money raised the more fun stuff Kickstarter pledgers receive in an extra box of goodies that come along with the game. I've personally pledged $100 for a package that includes the main X-Men game, a Horsemen of Apocalypse gameplay expansion, a 1980s era Storm game piece and any stretch goals that are made available through this Kickstarter campaign. If you are interested in this game, join in now so we can all get the most out of this Marvel United X Men Kickstarter.

X Men

Simple rules, deep strategy, easy setup, quick playtime, variable difficulty, eye-catching unique chibi style artwork, and amazing character pieces, all unite to bring you a marvelous play experience! Compatible with the original game, this new addition adds some new elements to enhance Marvel United. There is now a super villain mode where instead of the bad guys moves and actions being determined by the random draw of cards, a player controls enacting the master plan and combatting the heroes. Also anti-hero characters are introduced that can be played as either heroes or villains in the game. Plus the rules have been tweaked a bit so that X-Men characters are guaranteed to start with special ability cards in their hand instead of just randomly drawn cards from their hero deck. Lots of fun changes to the game that don't drastically change the overall original style of play in Marvel United.

Marvel United Xmen

You can just go with one of the two base pledges for the X Men Marvel United Kickstarter ($65 or $100) but there are also some awesome add-on purchases available as well.  These include a box set with the original First Class of X-Men, a Deadpool inspired add-on and one with some fantastic Sentinels to battle your heroes. Get the game mat too! We love using the game mat during our family game nights.

If you missed out on the original Marvel United Kickstarter there is all an add-on which allows people to purchase the exclusive stretch goals from that campaign. If you want them this is the most affordable and easy ways to add these chibi style characters to your Marvel United game. This is only available for a few days so if it has peeked your interest don't wait because what is available now in the original Avengers themed game and in the upcoming X-Men addition to Marvel United is much more limited at retail.

Note the character game pieces in Marvel United come unpainted. You will see publicity from CMON and Spin Master Games showing painted figures. These are done by very experienced and talented artists and for most people who pain the figures themselves yours won't turn out anywhere as nice. That being said I've taken up painting mine while they don't look as remarkable even an amateur effort done with some care can make your gameplay extra fun. Just don't be frustrated if your figures don't look like works of art. Plus the game can be fun to play with leaving the figures just the way they come though have to admit while they have nice details the plain plastic is just too blah in my opinion.

Marvel United Xmen

Marvel United by CMON and Spin Master Games absolutely gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval. My family has been getting lots of repeat gameplay from Marvel United and has really enjoyed our experiences with it. I've invested my own money into the original Avengers game as well as this new X-Men addition rather than getting review copies and while I always provide honest reviews you know this one is extra special. I'm really looking forward to putting together a superhero team from the time period when I read these comic books (1982 - 1986) with Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Shadowcat, Colossus, Rogue and Nightcrawler to battle the Hellfire Club, Sentinels or Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants in Marvel United: X-Men

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