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talisman batman

 Admit it ... sometimes it is fun to be bad. In this DC Comics inspired version of the popular tabletop game TALISMAN from usaopoly instead of taking on the role of the Caped Crusader players can be one of the twelve most dangerous villains of Gotham City. The playable characters in TALISMAN: BATMAN SUPER-VILLAINS are based upon the "New 52" storylines from DC Comics (2011 - 2016) which had an expanded emphasis on delving into the personalities and plots of evil doers. You will be chillin like a villain while having fun with this game.

The object of TALISMAN: BATMAN SUPER-VILLAINS is to sneak and fight your way through Arkham Asylum being the first player to get your villain to reach the Security Control Room at the top of the building's Guard Tower. Navigate the asylum as one of Gotham City's twelve most notorious villains (Joker, Harley Quinn, The Joker's Daughter, Bane, Two-Face, Clayface, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Penguin, The Riddler, Scarecrow or Ra's Al Ghul). You will need to move sculpted mini figures of the villains across a game board illustrated to look like a hand drawn map of Arkam Asylum.

talisman super villains

In order to reach the Security Control Room, your character will need to navigate the rooms and corridors of Arkham Asylum collecting items and followers to assist you. Plus in order to finally enter the Security Control Room you will need to get your hands on one of the elusive security key cards needed to gain entry. That isn't the end of the game though! Your villain then needs to defeat Batman in a duel to ultimately win the game.


Entering different spaces trigger drawing encounter cards. This could result in your character discovering a useful item or weapon. It could also result in an encounter that could result in someone helping or battling you. There are a variety of types of enemies and strangers you might run into.

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mister freeze

It could be an encounter with a hero. Maybe you'll run into Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Bullock or Robin. Your villain will have to battle, or maybe bribe, their way through these heroes. If the villain doesn't win or flee before all their health is depleted they are knocked out of the game (Player either can select a new unselected villain to continue game with from scratch or be eliminated from the competition.) When a hero isn't defeated the card remains on the spot and other villains entering that spot must battle or bride their way through the space.


Encounter cards can also create enemies such as law enforcement officers or other asylum inmates that have to be defeated when you run into them. There is also the chance that these cards could have you encounter a stranger who could offer assistance or become a foe. For example your villain could come across Doctor Leslie Thompkins who will heal your character's lost health points or stumble into Jervis Tetch which makes you roll die to see if you are helped or hindered.

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talisman batman

Players roll dice to determine battles of strength and cunning. Based upon a villain's attributes and the luck of the die determine whether he or she wins, loses or flees a fight. The game includes nice stat dials to help keep track of each villains cunning, strength and health.


Villains can cooperate in the game to assist each other in mutually making their way to the Security Control Room or they can battle head to head to knock opponents out of the game. There can be only one victor! So you'll have to strategize when it makes sense to be friends and foes with other players in the game. Be aware to that just because you face off against Batman in the final fight doesn't mean the Dark Knight isn't roaming the halls of Arkham Asylum looking to take villains down before they can get to end of the road.

Be the first player to make it to the Security Control Room, defeat Batman and unlock Arkham Asylum to win the game. Doing so will make you the undisputed leader of Gotham City's underworld. Show off your evil side and have some fun being bad with TALISMAN BATMAN: SUPER-VILLAINS EDITION.

talisman batman

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