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Blue Milk

George Lucas made something as mundane as milk exotic when he showed Luke Skywalker drink the blue tinted beverage at his Tatooine homestead during a scene within the original Star Wars (1977) movie. Since then blue milk has become synonymous with Star Wars fanship so it was obvious that Disney's theme parks would incorporate the drink within its food and beverage offerings at Galaxy's Edge. What better way to help people immerse themselves in the feeling of traveling to a galaxy far, far away then by offering them a glass of the iconic blue milk to drink during a visit to Star Wars Land?

I've dreamed of visiting a cantina at some interstellar space port and having myself a pint of blue milk as an out of this world Star Wars experience since being a kid. Still being a kid at heart of course I was going to buy myself a glass of blue milk during my visit to the Black Spire Outpost on Batuu (aka Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida). Drinking butter beer at Universal Studios' Wizarding World of Harry Potter has become a key aspect of that attraction can Disney replicate that same enthusiasm with its Star Wars Land visitors with its blue milk. I love butter beer and always look forward to enjoying the tasty Harry Potter themed treat during a visit to Universal's theme parks so was excited to give Disney's blue milk a try.

Butter Beer

Blue Milk is available through a dedicated beverage stand within the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge area at Disney World and Disney Land. It is made with a concoction of coconut milk and rice milk to be safe to drink for those with a variety of food allergies but most notably dairy. As the dad of kids with food allergies, I'm especially appreciative of Disney being sensitive to this issue.

So what does Disney's Star Wars Blue Milk taste like? A Faygo cotton candy Slurpee but instead of having an icy soda consistency Blue Milk is more like a drinkable yogurt made with a plant-based recipe of ingredients rather than dairy products. In my honest opinion it is worth trying out as part of the Black Spire Outpost experience but once is enough for me unlike the Harry Potter butter beer at Universal's theme parks that I will  enthusiastically drink over and over again.


There is also a Green Milk at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge that is based upon what Mark Hamill refreshed himself with while tromping around Temple Island on Ahch-To in The Force Awakens which spoofed that original Blue Milk scene from the original Star Wars movie. This is also a blend of coconut and rice milk but has more of a citrus and tropical fruit flavoring to it. I didn't try this version of Star Wars milk so can't provide a contrast in its flavoring to the blue milk version. I'm intrigued enough to probably give it a try on a future Disney Parks visit.

A caveat to my lack of interest in drinking Blue Milk again is that there is an alcoholic version of the drink that I didn't try. When I'm with my kids this dad tends not to drink adult beverages around them plus being at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge mask wearing during the pandemic put a damper on my really wanting to do a lot of eating and drinking on site which limited my testing out a number of varieties of things. There is a Blue Milk Cooler which features Bacardi Rum and a Green Milk Cooler with Corazon Blanco Tequila which I would definitely be open to taste testing some day.

star wars blue milk

I was geeked to try out the Blue Milk as part of the immersive Star Wars experience of imagining visiting a galaxy far, far away but was left with a bit of a disappointing taste in my mouth. That being said if you are someone who loves the flavor of Faygo Cotton Candy soda you are sure the be delighted by the Blue Milk at Disney's Star Wars Galaxy's Edge attraction. Unfortunately, this is a review that doesn't get a Geek Daddy nod or approval but rather a head shake.

All in all we had a fantastic experience at Disney's Star Wars Land. We rode the Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run amusement rides several times and they are both amazing experiences. My son had a memorable moment crafting his own personal lightsaber at Savi's Workshop and my daughter had a blast creating a customized astromech at the Droid Depot. While I was just in awe during our visit checking out all the little details of the Black Spire Outpost that really made me feel like my family had stepped into a real life Star Wars adventure.

Disney Star Wars Land

I'll raise a glass in salute to our visit to Batuu at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios theme park. Cheers!

Star Wars

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