Thursday, April 15, 2021


Ugly Drinks

A lifetime of over indulging in sugary drinks has caught up to me as I've been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Being struck by some negative and dangerous consequences I'm having to make some quick lifestyle changes. Have to admit that has been challenging and going cold turkey from my soda addiction has been no easy task.

Appreciate UGLY DRINKS sending me some of their beverage to try out. This flavored sparkling flavors comes in a variety of options from soda inspired tastes like Dr. Ugly and Cherry Cola to fruity Peach and Lemon Lime. All of them free of sugar, sweeteners and artificial ingredients.

ugly sparkling water

UGLY DRINKS utilize fruit extracts, essential oils and natural aromas for flavoring. Do you hate the taste of artificial sweeteners such as stevia and aspartame? Yuck can't stand those sugar substitutes myself! None of those in UGLY DRINKS.

No sugary fruit juices are in the mix either. No calories, no cholesterol, none of the things your doctor tells you to avoid are listed in the ingredients on the back of the can. The FAQ section of their website includes "Is Ugly suitable for diabetics to drink?" Answer: YES there is no sugar, no sweeteners, and nothing artificial in our Ugly Drinks.

So while there is nothing bad in Ugly does it actually taste good to drink? Here is the honest Ugly truth. If you enjoy LaCroix absolutely but otherwise not so much. Cheers!

ugly drinks

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