Sunday, July 11, 2021


The talented Matt Farra created a customized portrait for this Geek Daddy to demonstrate the impressive works available through his Fanarti Studios online store on Ever imagined what you would look like as a Star Wars Jedi, Star Trek Captain or student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry? Submit a photograph of yourself, a family member or friend to Fanarti Studios and Matt will customize a hand drawn illustration with the face from your submitted picture incorporated into one of a number of templates you can choose from. What a great way to immerse yourself in your fanship of Harry Potter, Star Wars or Star Trek.

I am one with the Force and the Force is with me. I choose a Star Wars template depicting the prequal era Obi-Wan Kenobi for my Fanarti Studios portrait that shows me as a Jedi. Attempting to do my best to replicate the look on the face of Obi-Wan, my wife snapped a picture of me to send over to Matt. He then replaced Kenobi's face with a hand drawn sketch of my own. 

Voila! I have a nice piece of artwork depicting me as one of the last Jedi preparing to take on the villainous Darth Vader in an effort to save the Galaxy from the Sith. I was so geeked for the opportunity to be portrayed as a Jedi in a quality piece of artwork!

You can purchase just a digital image to be sent to your or pay a bit extra to have Matt send you the image printed on High Quality Lustre Paper. Framing isn't included so you'll need to pick out one on your own. If you are interested in seeing yourself as a Jedi, head over to Fanarti Studios on Etsy and use code JEDI30 to get a 30% discount off your order. Let Matt know you saw his artwork on

Templates you can choose from include a Star Wars Jedi like in my portrait or a Luke Skywalker inspired Rebel pilot suit; Harry Potter inspired images including Hogwarts' school uniforms and quiddich robes; and a variety of Star Trek scenes depicting the Captain's Chair on a number of different starships. Which of these custom portraits would you like to see yourself in? There is also the option to have Star Trek or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter personalized caricatures drafted up. There is even an option to have a cartoon of your pet sketched into a caricature with you. 

With so many impressive options to choose from it may be hard to select just one. With the reasonable pricing for this artwork it is reasonable and affordable to order a number of customized personal caricatures and portraits from Fanarti Studios. I'm thinking of getting portraits done of myself as a Star Trek Captain and my daughter as a Hogwarts student as well as a caricature of my son as Harry Potter. So many awesome templates to choose from!

Matt Farra has absolutely earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval for the hands on approach to catering to his cliental, excellent customer service and impressive art. Head over to Etsy and check out his portfolio for yourself. His work is FAN-tastic!

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