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It is Game 2 of the Space Jam movie franchise with basketball superstar Lebron James now leading a team of Looney Tunes characters in a sequel to the 1996 pop culture beloved film which starred NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan and Bug Bunny. While the original movie had the Tune Squad playing against monstrous aliens in a game of basketball to avoid Bugs Bunny and his friends being abducted to be used as attractions for an outer space theme park, the new movie has the Tune Squad helping Lebron James and his son Dom escape from being held hostage in a TRON-esque scenario within the Warner Bros computer network. A rouge artificial intelligence (AI) program known as Al-G Rhythm wants to control the basketball player's digital likeness for use in the company's entertainment properties. This time around, the basketball match will determine is Lebron and Dom win their freedom back or will they be trapped forever as digital entities inside computer servers under the control of Al-G Rhythm.

Space Jam: A New Legacy arrives July 16 at movie theaters and on HBO Max. I was geeked to be able to participate in a round table discussion with actor Don Cheadle, who plays the role of the out of control algorithm Al-G Rhythm that serves as the film's main antagonist, and some of the best dad bloggers in cyber space during Space Jam 2's publicity press junket. We delved into dad tips revolving around themes from the movie and discussed insights about the film:

The major dynamic of the film revolves around Lebron James pushing his 12 year old son towards following in his footsteps as a pro basketball player while the boy is more interested in pursuing a career as a computer programmer. This conflict comes to a breaking point when the family has to decide whether Dom is going to attend an important basketball training camp or a prestigious coding and video game development educational clinic. This father-son dynamic contributes to the duo being sucked into a digital universe filled with Warner Bros characters ranging from Harry Potter to Scooby Doo as part of an Al-G Rhythm scheme.

I asked Don Cheadle during the movie's press junket what his dad tips were for dealing with real world father-son conflicts like the scenario in the movie. Here is what he had to say:

In Space Jam: A New Legacy it is Al-G Rhythm vs King James in a looney b-ball match that is a fun family movie night flick. Space Jam 2 is rated PG for language and cartoon violence. For more information about the film go to 

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