Sunday, August 29, 2021


speedefy wifi 6 router

It just seems like yesterday when 80 megabits per second Internet download rates used to be considered high speed. I just changed our connection speed this week for our cable connection so now we're at 80,000 per second and probably will even be boosting that to 100,000 mbps (1 GB) soon. With my wireless home office set up, a 4k digital streaming big screen tv in the living room, two kids who play video games online in live bouts against friends and family who live all across the state and even far off places aroud the country and a wife who is scrolling through websites on her iPad we have a lot of simultaneous devices using a whole bunch of bandwidth. 

Our current wireless router is only a couple years old but is already starting to reach to end of its capacity to meet our digital needs. So it was time for an upgrade. I'm going to give the Speedefy AX1800 WiFi 6 Router a try. It is available on

ax1800 wifi router

This router can handle download speeds of 1.8 GB per second which means it won't be outdated overnight as the highest speeds even available from most Internet connections is 1 GB at the moment. Plus it allows multiple devices to connect at once making this an ideal router for houses full of smart devices or teenagers that love to stream. The Speedefy AX1800 WiFi Router is equipped with a 1.5GHz quad-core BROADCOM CPU providing extraordinary WiFi 6 capabilities to allow you to utilize the newest online applications available but also is compatible with old modem models so you can just plug this in and go without having to upgrade other hardware.

The Speedefy AX1800 has 4 high gain antennas providing up to 2,500 square feet of wireless coverage that can support up to 40 devices at once. It is also designed to reduce latency to avoid disruptions caused by signal interference from other wireless routers in proximity to your network. This should avoid your neighbors being hogging bandwith and slowing down other people's wireless connectivity on the block. There are also some advanced security options to make sure your Internet connection and passwords are as solid as a rock when it comes to preventing the dark web from infiltrating your personal space.

wifi coverage

Another selling point on this device for me is that Speedefy promises that the AX1800 WiFi Router can be set up in 5 minutes! Set it up through a web browser or download an app to your phone to control your Speedefy WiFi network. If you use the app there are also parental controls to help keep your kids Internet use under your thumb.

I'm geeked to try out the Speedefy AX1800 for myself! If you want to get one too, use a Geek Daddy affiliate link for your purchase. This dad blogger gets a small commission from every sale we refer to Amazon. All these commissions are invested into this blog to create non-sponsored content to share with you. Your support of this dad blogger is appreciated!

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