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first time author tips

Writing can be a lot of fun. It’s something that people do for personal enjoyment and others like to write to express their ideas and create something unique that they can call their own. Everyone writes for different reasons and one of the main paths it can lead down is putting together your very own book. 

If you find that you’re nearing the end of your very first book draft then you’ve already accomplished something incredible. Many people find it challenging to even put their ideas down into a document, not to mention writing an entire book. Even if it’s a book of dad jokes or just a few short stories that you thought about, writing isn’t easy and you should definitely give yourself a pat on the back for achieving something like writing a book. 

But this is arguably where the hard part starts; what do you do from here? 

Do you need to hire an editor? 

 An editor can help you look through your book, correct any grammar and spelling issues, ask about story inconsistencies, and so on. However, hiring an editor is rather expensive so this is definitely something I suggest you do yourself if possible. Of course, if you do plan to submit your story to some kind of publishing company then you could let them handle it. However, if you do want to self-publish then you’ll need to put in some work into editing to ensure that it’s legible for everyone else to read. 

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If you are adamant about hiring an editor then it’s worth doing a bit of research on the prices before you go ahead with it. Look for an editor that is flexible and can fit your needs, and don’t forget to have a long chat so s to get to know them before you decide to pay them for their work. 

Deciding on how to publish your book 

There are a great number of ways to get your book published these days. In fact, self-publishing is one of the more popular options because it puts control into your hands. In addition, any profit that you get from the book will mostly be yours as there’s no middleman to take your earnings. 

You could try printing personalized books as a way to get started. Printing a few copies with a personalized cover can be an excellent option for a small-scale operation. However, if you do plan to scale up and sell hundreds of books, then you’ll need a more robust option and this may involve working with a large printing company. 

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Another popular option these days is to actually publish your book online. Some people do it for free and let people read their stories on their blogs. But others choose to go for an online publishing route, selling their book on eBook stores such as Amazon and delivering their story digitally to people across the world. No matter what idea you choose, think about how you can best get your book into the hands of others so they can start reading it.

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