Sunday, October 3, 2021


gift ideas for tweens

What do you get for the person who has everything? This is a question that many people ask themselves every year around their friends' or relatives' birthdays. And for parents, especially those with tween aged kids at home, sometime you need to be creative when it comes to birthday present shopping.

If you have kids who are still young enough not to know the difference between what's cool and what's not, it is so much easier for you to get away with making some funny yet straightforward choices that will make them giggle at their birthday parties. As kids no longer want to play with toys or fit into cute children's clothing outfits it gets parents scratching their heads for gift ideas. Here are some ideas for unique gifts to give tweens for their birthday.


My kids are always geeked to get t-shirts inspired by their favorite comic books and movies. It embraces your child's interests adding a personal touch to the selection. Stumbling for a gift idea? You can't go wrong with a cool t-shirt that is tied to your child's fandom. T-Shirts don't need to be all about super heroes and sci-fi either. 

Consider holiday themed shirts for gifts on other occasions too. During Christmas, you can buy Christmas t-shirts, while during Thanksgiving, you can buy Turkey t-shirts. Watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is a family tradition for us and last year my wife bought everyone film themed Ugly Christmas Sweaters to wear when we had our annual movie night watching it.

Talking Hamster 

A talking hamster may be the perfect gift to give a child on their birthday. While it has its perks, such as being able to entertain your kid during long car rides or when they're sick at home and need something fun to do, there are a few reasons why this gift may not be the best option. Even so, the pros outweigh them, therefore a good gift for your kid. 

Dostyle Kids Alarm Clock 

A dostyle kids alarm clock is another unique gift for your kid's grumpy birthday. The dostyle kids' alarm clock has a funny design and turns on when touched, making it perfect for an annoying teenager who doesn't want to get up for school or work in the morning. 

 It can also be helpful as a nightlight since it turns on when it is touched. The dostyle kids' alarm clock is an excellent gift for any kid who finds it pretty challenging to get up early. With this clock, your kid will be able to wake up on time, and in return, this can improve their productivity. 

Benjamin Talks Bank 

Are you tired of your child continually mishandling the money you give them? Do you want your kid to learn the true value of each dime? Your answer to this is getting a Benjamin talks bank. This is a tool that can help your kid build their financial literacy. It will also help you to start a conversation with them about money. It may be unique to your kid, but it's vital for their future. 

If you are unsure what to get for your kid's birthday, you may want to consider asking them. If they do not answer, ask their friends or parents of the child who plays with yours. Make sure that it is something that will last and be used again in the future.

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