Friday, February 25, 2022


Jelly Belly Gum

Do you keep snacks around work for a pick me up during the day? I stocked up on some Jelly Belly Gum for a flavorable treat that doesn't have me eating a ton of junk food. Chewing this gum tastes like the jelly beans that I love; but is sugar free! Produced by Ford Gum, the makers of Big League Chew, you can get this officially licensed Jelly Belly product in Berry Blue, Island Punch, Very Cherry and Watermelon flavors.

Jelly Belly Gum is made in the USA! This dad with kids who have peanut food allergy appreciates it is marked peanut free on the label. It is also ZERO sodium and sugar free as well. Plus, this gum is only 5 calories per serving. A serving size is 2 pieces of gum. I'm GEEKED about Jelly Belly Gum and looking forward to having it around the office...especially the Island Punch which is my fav flavor of the four!

Ford Gum

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