Tuesday, February 22, 2022


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It is a tale as old as time. Parents would read to their children nightly without fail. Times have changed though. Once when children would have asked for a story and their favorite book to be read, they are now grabbing a console or binge watching their favorite films or YouTube channel. 

That isn’t to say that reading to your children doesn’t and shouldn't still be an important feature within their lives and why you shouldn’t encourage independent reading as they get older. There are many reasons for your children to read. Here are some of the main reasons. 

Sparks Creativity & Imagination 

Unlike their digital counterparts, books don’t come with moving and animated visual aids. Whether you choose a classic or have a design one and use a company for custom printing, it is down to your child to take the words and build that image up in their mind’s eye. 

The ability to use imagination is a skill that can be carried through into their later life. Nurturing and encouraging them to use their imagination can change their childhood and shape their passions as they grow. It is fair to say that it is imaginary and the ability to visualize a concept that has influenced the world as we know it. Classic stories that are known and loved, your favorite car to even the technologies that are available today all started off based on the imagination of an individual. 

Improves Language & Speech 

Reading or encouraging your child to read, introduces them to a wide range of different words, writing formats, and ways to articulate a point or message. Whether they’re reading a book on their favorite superhero, Encanto, or reading something new each book and tale will be written differently. They will learn new words and learn the definition of them in context. If you are reading to children it allows them also to hear how you are pronouncing words increasing their vocabulary. 

Opens Doors for Conversation 

Reading is a pastime that can be enjoyed by all. No matter your age, you can enjoy sitting together, reading a book, and hearing and marveling at how the tale unfolds. You can discuss the characters, talk about the plot. Speak about your favorite parts. Hear and discuss what you think will happen next. There is no limit surrounding the conversations that you can have together. 

Creates a Shared Bond 

You can never have enough ways to bond with your children. They don’t remain small for long and as they grow and develop their own interests and hobbies you can find yourself no longer being the center of their universe. But, when you create and build together a love of books and reading you will have created a bond that will last the test of time and one that even when they are grown adults and are no longer living at home with you, you can still talk about discuss, and enjoy together.

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