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Playing video games is the new normal for children, and as a parent, you are probably overwhelmed by the never-ending requests for new video games. While you can do very little to change this reality besides regulating how much time your children spend playing games, there’s no need to start worrying about your little one's future. This is because there is so much in the store for kids who love these games. 

How Video Games Benefit Your Child’s Learning and Development

Children do not view video games as a channel to enjoy a little escapism. Instead, these games present the perfect opportunities to engage their minds and accomplish a specific objective. It is no wonder that games have been found to have immense benefits for kids, including:

 ● Improving problem-solving skills
 ● Bettering imagination and creative thinking
 ● Enhancing hand-eye coordination
 ● Improving mental health 
● Building on their socialization skills 

A New Horizon for Children Who Love Gaming 

The primary aim of video games is to keep kids entertained, but as your little ones get better at a game, they get to discover a whole new virtual world that arouses their curiosity. Many questions will keep emerging as the urge to know the “behind-the-scenes” concepts of the game eventually get the better of them.

As a parent, this provides the opportune moment to transform your kid’s favorite pastime into a learning platform that might guarantee that great future you always envisioned. Instead of trying to explain the concepts of game designing and programming to your kids (if you happen to have an idea), how about you let them explore this virtual world? 

geek daddy

Yes, you heard that right. Your game-obsessed kid can now do more than play a game and take their interests a level higher by learning how to make their own games. Essentially, doing this will introduce your little ones to the world of coding and game designing. The icing on the cake is that an interest in coding could one day lead to a career in robotics, software development, and computer systems engineering, among other lucrative professions. 

Popular Video Games That Let Kids Make Their Own Games 

A great way to introduce your kids into the world of game designing and coding is by starting with the basics, and video games that allow players to design new concepts are a great launch pad. Some of the most popular games to consider are: 

1. Super Mario Maker 2 

Is your kid a Mario fan? The Super Mario Maker 2 will provide them with a chance to create their own adventures within the Marioverse. Since this is one of the most popular gaming franchises, there are countless user-created levels available for sampling and in-depth tutorials for your kids to follow. The best part is that once your little one creates a new level, they can share it with their friends, making the challenge more fun and worthwhile. 

2. Levelhead 

Levelhead allows your children to dive into the world of game designing by putting their creativity to the test with a range of powerful editing tools that enable them to craft new levels. The tutorials offered might not be as in-depth, but they cover the basics required for your kids to figure their way around and come up with exciting concepts. Your children will also love the daily build challenges, a perfect training ground that enables them to grow their knowledge about how best to use specific tools. 

3. Dreams 

Dreams is a much-more advanced video game that is best for teens who want to explore the world of game designing. It offers a deeper level of game creation as players get to create everything, from the layout to the soundtracks. As such, there is a lot of “groundwork” for designers to do as they will be doing a lot more work if they hope to create an outstanding and exciting new level. 

4. Minecraft 

Minecraft has exemplified the concept of in-game editing for many years and is a choice you can never go wrong with. Since it has attracted a lot of attention, there are endless tutorials and guides available that your kids can go through to improve their skills. 

 5. Trials Fusion 

This racing game allows your children to get away from the racing tracks and focus on creating more challenging levels for them to tackle. Die-hard gamers have already created millions of tracks, and your kids have more than enough samples to try out and give them better ideas for their creations. 

6. Tynker 

Tynker primarily focuses on teaching children programming concepts, and most of these lessons have to be paid for. Nevertheless, it also has several games that your little ones can play, discover how they work, and learn how to make new levels or create similar ones from scratch.


Video games are a lifeline for children, and as a parent, it is best to view them as a productive platform that you can use to educate your little ones and introduce them to coding even as they have fun.

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