Monday, May 30, 2022


2022 marks the 13th year of the Detroit Institute of Arts INSIDE/OUT program that has artwork popping up all around the three counties in the metro area that support the museum by paying into a dedicated millage to support its operations. DIA INSIDE/OUT provides Metro Detroit communities with high quality reproductions of artwork from inside the museum to display outside in public spaces. A nice reminder of the treasures that can be seen at the Detroit Institute of Arts and a fun way to spend some time wandering around local civic centers, downtowns, neighborhoods and parks hunting for posted artwork.

Participating communities rotate from year to year to differ things up and spread the visibility of this outreach program throughout the region. INSIDE/OUT returns this year to our neck of the woods with artwork on display in a variety of public spaces around the city of Troy, Michigan. We had a good time engaging in an art hunt to check out all of the DIA art placed throughout Troy.

We started off with a hike through the Lloyd A. Stage Nature Center encountering a group of wild turkeys and seeing some grazing deer before coming across Talking Oak (1857) by William Maw Egley. Then it was time to meander around the city's historic green to see Asafo Flag (1863) which was a rally flag for the Asafo movement to combat African colonialism. Next it was off to Boulan Park to take a look at Jose Clemente Orozco's Mexican Pueblo (1930).

Our art hunt led us to the city's civic center to view another five paintings. The Community Center featured Savoy Ballroom (1931) by Reginald Marsh, City Hall highlighted an ancient dragon that once stood guard on the gates into Babylon, Troy's Racquet Club displayed Solomon Irein Wangboje's Mother and Child (1960), Chief Shoppenegons (1910) welcomed us to the library, and the Jeanne Stine Community Park showcased Mary Cassatt's In the Garden (1904). We wrapped up our walkabout by stopping at Dairy Queen for a treat to celebrate finding all of the DIA INSIDE/OUT art pieces we were searching for. Our DIA art hunt across Troy, Michigan provided us with quite a bit of exercise and enjoyable moments making for an entertaining afternoon excursion close to home.

DIA INSIDE/OUT artwork will be on display in Troy and other participating communities now through November if you want to go out on your own art hunt. 2022 communities are:




Farmington Hills  




West Bloomfield 

Oakland Community College 

Indian Springs Metropark 





Osborn Neighborhood Alliance, Detroit 

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