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When it comes to homework, kids often fall into one of two categories. Either they are super-motivated and get their work done as soon as possible, or they procrastinate and find themselves racing against the clock to finish their assignments just before bedtime. If your child falls into the latter category, you probably see an increase in stress levels and struggles with focus. 

Homework is a great way for kids to practice what they learned at school that day. It also gives them useful practice for future tests and real-world applications of the information they’ve learned. However, many kids struggle with homework because it requires a completely different type of thinking than what they’re used to doing at school. It is not the responsibility of one parent to help their children with their school; moms and dads should both take a hands-on role in their child’s education. 

Discourage procrastination 

It’s important to discourage procrastination when helping your kids with their homework. If your child waits until the last minute to do their work, they are more likely to struggle with it and may even give up completely. To encourage kids to get their homework done as soon as possible, parents should have a plan for helping with the transition from a typical school day to a homework session. It would be a good idea to turn off the TV or movies during this time, as this will only distract your child more. 

If you are struggling with helping your child to do their homework, you could look at Studenttreasures Publishing to get help. They can provide you with worksheets that you can use to give your child extra practice at topics they are learning at school, and because it does not work their teacher has set that, your child may not even realize that it is extra work and that they are actually learning as they complete the worksheets. 

If your child feels overwhelmed, it can be challenging to help them move past it. One way to help tackle this is by setting clear expectations. What is expected during each part of the day, such as homework versus social time. This will allow your child to feel more in control of their time and give them a sense of security. Let your child know what you expect, as well. If they are having difficulty with a particular subject, let them know that it’s okay to ask for help. You can also set up a study group with other kids in the class, so your child will have additional support and resources. 
Establish a homework station 

School days typically follow a specific pattern, with periods of learning followed by breaks in between. While it’s important for kids to take breaks in between each subject, they should also have a set routine for doing homework. If your child has multiple subjects each day, they should finish one subject before moving on to the next. If they have one long assignment that spans several subjects, they should finish that as well. 

Having a routine will help kids prepare for the transition away from their studies and into homework. It will also help them avoid unnecessary procrastination and prepare them for a more focused session with their homework. It would be a good idea to make the homework station at the dining room table, as having it in your child’s bedroom means that they are surrounded by toys and other items that could distract them from their work.  

six ways to help your children with homework

Create a routine 

Creating a routine will help your child get used to doing their homework at a particular time each day. This routine will help your child just get their homework over and done with as they will soon learn that their homework will only take an hour or so, and after that, they have the rest of the day to themselves. If it helps, you could look into finding lo-fi music to play while they study, as this may help them concentrate better. There are many great lo-fi YouTube channels out there, but Chill with Taiki is a great one for children as the videos revolve around a dog and his adventures across the world. 

 Set a timer 

Setting a timer is an effective way to help your kids maintain focus while doing their homework. Time limits can help them stay focused on their assignments without letting them become overwhelmed. They’ll be more likely to finish their work on time, and you can help them transition to the next part of their day. If your child has a complex subject, setting a timer can help them avoid getting frustrated and keep their emotions in check. 

 You can also use timers to encourage breaks in between your child’s different subjects. If they have multiple subjects each day, they may benefit from taking a break between each subject. Kids often struggle with transitions between subjects that are not related. Setting a timer can help your child transition to a break without getting stuck in the middle of a difficult assignment. 

Provide a snack 

creative snack ideas for kids

Some children have trouble finishing their homework because they’re hungry. While you should help your child prepare a snack for after they finish their work, you should also have some snacks available when they’re in the middle of their homework session. Kids are typically more focused on eating than studying, so it’s important to keep them from getting distracted. If your child is struggling with their homework, offering a snack may help them focus on finishing their work. You can also encourage your child to eat a snack when they’re in the middle of an especially difficult subject. Having snacks available will help your child avoid getting hungry and becoming distracted. They’ll also be more likely to stay focused on their work, and you can help them transition to doing other activities after they eat. 

Offer encouragement and recognition 

The best way to help your kids with their homework is to offer encouragement and recognition. This can help kids stay focused on their work and recognize their success with completing assignments. If your child struggles with a subject, you can help them transition to another activity. However, it’s more important to recognize their progress and help them transition back to studying when they’re ready. If your child has completed an assignment successfully, help them transition from studying to another activity. Additionally, you can recognize their progress and celebrate their success with completing their homework. 

ways to help your children with their homework

Homework is an essential part of a child’s education and development. However, it can be difficult for kids to transition from a school day filled with instruction to a homework session on their own. Parents can help their children with their homework by providing a homework station, setting a timer, and offering encouragement and recognition. When it comes to helping your kids with their homework, it’s important to set expectations and keep a healthy balance between helping and letting your child struggle through the assignment on their own. 

School can be a challenging place for kids. Trying to keep up with the class and keep your grades up while also having time for friends and other interests can be extremely stressful. These challenges are often intensified when children have hidden disabilities. These are things not easily seen, such as learning difficulties or social pressures. 

Luckily, there are ways to help your child succeed at school. If you recognize that your child is struggling in one or more areas, it’s important to take action sooner rather than later. As a parent, you know your kid best and can identify when something isn’t quite right.

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