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beard care tips

The latest trend in geek chic, for males at least is to have a fulsome beard that would put the cast of Vikings to shame. If you are the proud owner of a big ass beard and you want to look your best, you will need to put some time and effort into maintaining facial hair, and below are some tips that will help you to take your beard care more seriously. 

Oil it 

When you have a beard, you naturally want it to look in the best possible condition. That means you need to keep it hydrated and feed it with the right blend of vitamins. Men's beard oils are the best way to achieve this. Simply spritz them into your beard, massage in and when you’re done, your beard will look and feel soft, silky, and well-nourished. Do this regularly to keep your beard looking its best.

Clean it 

This should be obvious, but you need to clean your beard every day if you want it to look like a healthy beard rather than the product of someone who has let himself go or spent way too much time gaming to the detriment of everything else. Beards can pick up dirt, debris, food particles, and all manner of nasties, so you really do need to clean it on a daily basis if you want to look your best. 

Trim it 

Even if you’re going for the big, bushy wildman look, your beard will look a whole lot better if you trim it now and again. Doing so will enable you to shape it to your requirements, whether you’re going for the neat Thor look that is such a geek favorite or the big square Vikings style. Scissors are great for fuller beards, but beard trimmers work better on tidier Iron Man-style beards, and of course, you can always have the barber do your beard trims for you if you would prefer. If you plan to shape your beard, you should wait at least one month from the time you started growing it/last did so, in order that you have enough hair to play with so that you don’t end up making any bad beard mistakes. 

Brush it 

Combing your beard, if you have a big one, is also really important because beards can tangle and knot, and when that happens, it becomes almost impossible to style your facial hair as you would like, and you may end up having to shave it off completely. Ideally, you should comb or brush your beard immediately after oiling it. 

Apply some beard balm

Beard balm is like hair gel but for your beard (obviously). If you want to style your beard, it will help you to mold it to the right shape, keep braids in place, and basically just ensure that your beard stays in the particular formation you want it to be in until you wash it again. Good beard oil will also feed your facial hair and help to nourish it in combination with beard oil. 

beard care guide

Treat that facial hair right if you want to look your badass best!

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