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millennium falcon smugglers run

I have great memories of playing on monkey bars that all the kids thought looked like a spaceship on my elementary school playground during recess imagining having Star Wars adventures playing with classmates in our pretend Millennium Falcon. That was the closest I'd figured to ever be when it came to taking a ride on science fiction's most famous spacecraft. My inner child was ecstatic to pilot the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs with my son as co-pilot during our own Smugglers Run at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park within Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

star wars memories

Smugglers Run is a motion simulator within Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge that provides riders with the experience of flying in the Millennium Falcon. It is a more intimate version of Star Tours that seats no more than six people in a cabin and has interactive elements that let riders control the ship's actions and impact elements of the simulation. Dodge obstacles, fire weapons at threatening TIE Fighters, and escape into Hyper Space as realistic digital imagery immerses you in a flight through the Star Wars galaxy. Hit it Chewie!!!

A visit to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge transports you to the planet Batuu in a galaxy far, far away. While wandering through this remote outer rim planet's Black Spire Outpost you will discover a life-size model of the Millennium Falcon parked outside the entrance to Ohnaka Transport Solutions. The ride queue for those who want to take a spin on this piece of junk wraps you through this space port owned by the infamous Hondo Ohnaka.

My kids were geeked to see Hondo at Galaxy's Edge as this character connects the theme park with the animated Star Wars series. My kids have grown up watching the Clone Wars, Rebels and Bad Batch animated series and actually are much more fans of the Star Wars cartoons than the movies. I actually am more a fan of the animated and live action television shows than the recent Disney Star Wars movies so have to admit being glad to see Hondo there myself. In fact, Hondo is there in all his glory with an incredible animatronic of the Weequay pirate voiced by Jim Cummings who portrays Ohnaka's character in the animated series.  

star wars galaxys edge

Hondo recruits you to participate in a Smugglers Run utilizing the Millennium Falcon and ushers you aboard. Entering the spaceship is like walking onto the set of a Star Wars movie. Leaving the space port the hallways of the Millennium Falcon are filled with screen accurate details. You can even sit at the holochess table! 

star wars holo chess

Eventually making your way to the cockpit, each member of your crew is given an assignment. Two pilots sit in the front row–the left side moves the ship left and right, and the right side moves the ship up and down. The next row controls the weapons where riders press buttons to shoot down enemies and obstacles in the way. The back row holds the engineers who work to repair the ship during the flight. You want to ride in the front row because it has the most immersive content and best view. While the ride is still fun wherever you sit, honestly the best experience is with front row seats!

The ride is made up of several interconnected simulators on one giant turntable. Riders that manipulate the simulator's controls more skillfully and quickly than other cabins can actually earn more to do in their mission such as capturing more cargo or navigating an asteroid field as the other platforms catch up. So, there is a benefit to trying to master the simulator's controls versus just going along for the ride.

star wars smugglers run

Riding the Millennium Falcon was a blast! The experience absolutely earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval for the spectacular Imagineering efforts put into crafting the space port and Millennium Falcon ride queue elements and the thrilling Star Wars adventure you are able to partake in with the motion simulator. If you are heading to Disneyland or Walt Disney World don't miss out on blasting off in the Millennium Falcon ride!

millennium falcon

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