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star wars galaxys edge

Immerse yourself in the Star Wars galaxy with a visit to the Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu (aka Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida). Imagine being on a Star Wars adventure while engaging in a variety of interactive experiences. Enjoying a pint of blue milk, crafting your own lightsaber and taking the Millenium Falcon for a spin provide an out of this world vacation without having to travel to a galaxy far, far away. 


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Be alert for stormtroopers promoting order and snuffing out rebellion within the spaceport of this Outer Rim world. They like to question passersby and pry into their business. These impromptu encounters can make you stand out in the crowd and provide a personal touch to your Star Wars Galaxy's Edge experience. Additionally, you may bump into Chewbacca or Rey who are enlisting people into the Resistance. 

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Ever since Luke Skywalker took a gulp of blue milk in the movie A New Hope, Star Wars fans have been fascinated with the beverage. Disney has concocted a specialty drink to provide visitors to Galaxy's Edge with a refreshment that lets you try the stuff out for yourself. It is plant-based instead of dairy so as not to exclude people from the experience with milk allergies or lactose intolerance. My description of Galaxy's Edge blue milk is it has the consistency of a drinkable yogurt with the taste of cotton candy flavored Faygo. 

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Blue Milk is actually made with a base of rice milk powder and coconut oil. It gets it color from adding blue-green algae into the mix rather than artificial coloring. Don't tell Aunt Beru but there is also a version of the drink with Bacardi Rum as an extra ingredient to provide some extra kick to the drink.

star wars blue milk


Who doesn't want to wield a lightsaber?! Stop by Savi's Workshop to learn some wisdom of the Force and craft your very own lightsaber. Personalize its components and blade color to create a fantastic souvenir that matches your own personal style. Reservations are required so don't try to just walk in or you might miss out on this experience. My son was so GEEKED to participate in this!


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Oh no! You've been captured as a rebel spy and taken to a star destroyer in the Rise of the Resistance ride at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. Combining cast member theatrical elements with special effects, this ride will have you feeling like you just jumped into the action of a Star Wars movie. Do you have what it takes to escape being imprisoned on a star destroyer and find a way to return to Batuu?

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I love droids! I'm such a gearhead! Galaxy's Edge is full of droids and you can even build one to bring home with you. 

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Step inside droid depot and construct your very own personalized remote control BB or R series droid. Select pieces off a conveyor belt and get building. Screw together parts just like a mechanic working in a droid factory.

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In addition to having a fun remote control toy, these droids can enhance your Galaxy's Edge experience interacting and reacting to elements and objects both on Batuu and around Disney resorts. Plus, when you get home they are still fun to play with around the house.


Participate in a Smugglers Run that utilizes a motion simulator to let you experience what it would be like to fly sci-fi's most famous spaceship. A more intimate version of Star Tours that has you seated in a replica of the Millennium Falcon's cockpit. You aren't just along for the ride as manipulating the spaceship's controls impacts the outcome of your experience. Realistic digital imagery in the cockpit's windows, motion corresponding to the action you are seeing and the interactive elements of the controls make it seem as if you are really taking a flight through the Star Wars galaxy. Hit it Chewie!

The ride queue is amazing too so don't rush through it. It starts off with a life size scale replica of the Millennium Falcon and lets you wander inside this hunk of junk. Don't miss out on taking a photo op at the holochess table!

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Have yourself an exciting Star Wars adventure with a visit to the Galaxy's Edge. This experience is also available in Disneyland if California is a more convenient destination than Florida. This is the theme park experience you have been looking for!

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