Wednesday, June 8, 2022


netflix ghostbusters cartoon

For this '80s era kid animated series will always be cartoons to me and Ghostbusters has a lot of nostalgia for me as a favorite Hollywood blockbuster from my childhood. I'm such a movie geek Ghostbusters fan that I invested in the Hasbro crowdfunding movie replica proton pack that should make for a great Halloween costume accessory and nice talking point decoration for my home office. So, I was especially geeked to learn that Netflix has teamed up with Sony Picture Animation to create an all-new cartoon series based on the Columbia Pictures' Ghostbusters movies.

My kids and I have really enjoyed gathering around the television set together to watch the Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous animated series (um-hum cartoon) on Netflix. They've done a tremendous job producing that cartoon and we will really be geeked if the upcoming Ghostbusters series is just as good. It is nice to have some family fun watching a show the whole family all equally enjoys watching.

jurassic world cartoon on netflix

Netflix is making a concerted effort to add kid and family-friendly animated programming. In addition to Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous and the upcoming Ghostbusters show, Netflix has also recently added The Cuphead Show!, The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib, He-Man and  the Masters of the Universe, Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight, Dead End: Paranormal Park, and Sonic Prime to their roster of cartoons available to view on the streaming service.

Ghost Corps, the production company tasked by Sony to reinvigorate its Columbia Pictures Ghostbusters brand will be creating this new cartoon. Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan the creative team for the recent Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie and heads of Ghost Corps will be helming the Netflix show. Reitman has directed Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Up in the Air and Juno. Kenan was the screenwriter for Ghostbusters: Afterlife and director of the animated features A Boy Called Christmas and Monster House. More details about the show and its release date will be coming in the future so stay tuned for more info. 

Ghost Corps

Who is geeked about a new Ghostbusters cartoon coming to Netflix? I am! Do you think the Netflix animated series will focus on the original four Ghostbusters or a new cast of characters?

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