Friday, August 5, 2022


eating puffer fish

When it comes to daredevil adventures, eating a meal probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, people travel to Shimonoseki, Japan to engage in culinary daredeviling of eating a dish that could kill them if not properly prepared by expert chefs. They visit the Blowfish Capital of Japan to taste fugu, also known as the liver of puffer fish, which is considered both a delicacy and a feat of courage to eat.

Eating fugu is risky, because a puffer fish's liver contains a high concentration of deadly poison known as tetrodotoxin. Consuming a tiny amount of tetrodotoxin can result in a paralysis of major organs including the lungs and heart resulting in death. Yet for 2,800 years people here have been consuming this dare-fueled dish for the thrill of adventure and as those who have eaten it have said an appreciation of its un-seafood-like meaty taste.

daredevil eating

People can eat fugu and other puffer fish dishes thanks to specially licensed chefs who trained to avoid its toxins. This technique known as “migaki” is a delicate skill acquired from years of training culminating in a license and special distinction. You definitely don't want to catch and cook up a puffer fish on your own to eat!

So, would you dare to eat fugu or any other type of puffer fish dish? Would visiting Shimonoseki to eat puffer fish be a bucket list adventure for you? Or would you rather just stay clear of blow fish? 

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