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What do you do on an overcast, rainy summer afternoon? Jigsaw puzzles never go out of style and provide an amusing way to pass time. Especially when their imagery is tied to America's pastime and features your favorite baseball team. MasterPieces Puzzle Company has officially licensed Major League Baseball puzzles and we had fun putting together some impressive looking ones with a Detroit Tigers theme.

Comerica Park Panoramic

This MasterPieces Panoramic Detroit Tigers Puzzle is 13" x 39" when completed featuring the view from behind home plate of the team's home stadium Comerica Park. The puzzle's image has such great detail that it gives you the feel of actually being at a ballgame. This puzzle is made of recycled material to be environmentally friendly so you don't need to feel guilty about the 1,000 pieces crafted in making it. 

A fun way to show your fanship when you can't watch a game due to a rain delay. The skies are always sunny at Comerica Park when it comes to MasterPieces Panoramic Detroit Tigers Puzzle. The thousand piece puzzle does an impressive job of capturing details of not just the stadium but the Detroit skyline in its background. Where is your favorite spot to get a seat at when going to see a baseball game?

comerica park puzzle

Detroit Tigers Gameday

I love classic pickup trucks, so this puzzle sporting Paws, the Detroit Tigers mascot, tailgating with one absolutely has me geeked. Grilling out in the ballpark parking lot, Paws is enjoying his favorite baseball game treats. What are your favorite snacks to eat at a baseball game?

This impressive jigsaw puzzle is a thousand pieces crafted from recycled materials just like the Comerica Park Panoramic. When completed the puzzle is 19.25" x 26.75". Show your pride in the Old English D by having fun putting together MasterPieces' Detroit Tigers Gameday puzzle.

paws puzzle
detroit tigers jigsaw puzzle

Both puzzles are challenging enough to make them entertaining but not so hard as to give you a headache. When was the last time you did a jigsaw puzzle? Check out all the ones Masterpieces has to offer at 

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