Friday, August 12, 2022


Families who enjoy adventurous road trips will appreciate the newest album from "Traveling Together" by Brighter Light Brigade for listening to during their car rides. Featuring vocalists Amyliza de Jesus and Marla Vannucci along with multi-instrumentalist Dean Jones, "Traveling Together" from Nashville-based Brighter Light Brigade is being released by 8 Pound Gorilla Records on October 7, 2022. 

This kindie rock album is recommended for ages 4 - 10 and their parents with a runtime of 21 minutes. Kindie rock is a style of children's music that melds the adult sensibilities and styles of singer-songwriters with themes aimed at kids providing family friendly educational and entertainment experiences. "Traveling Together" will be available upon release for $8.99 as a digital download or $10 for an "old fashioned" CD. Being that compact discs were brand new technology when I was in high school it makes me feel old to call them old fashioned but they are also playing '80s music on the "Oldies Music" radio station here in Detroit so I guess that speaks for itself. 

Throughout "Traveling Together", the words to the songs are more like poetry than song lyrics, giving them an uncommon depth of meaning and emotional expression. Highlights include Goodbye Summer, a song with a ‘90s indie rock/punk feel about summer coming to an end. The Wilco-inspired Don’t Judge a Box, with its engaging mix of country, folk, and pop, encourages looking beyond differences to see commonalities. The lyrics are inspired by de Jeus and Vannicci's "day jobs" as licensed mental health professionals. 

My Favorite Song
is all about that song that gets stuck in your head, and there is a good chance this one will. Favorite elements include a terrific organ interlude by Dean Jones and the way that Marla Vannucci’s vocals reflect the tune’s uncomplicated joy. A storytelling number, Rufus the Rooster, was co-written with a 90-year-old music therapy client of Amyliza de Jesus. The client even contributed some grand production ideas like having a fiddle in the mix. This led to Nashville’s esteemed fiddling maestro, Aaron Till, being given the job of personifying the rooster! The gently honest Different was a collaboration, through the Country Music Hall of Fame’s Words & Music Program, between Amyliza de Jesus and a local elementary school student. The student sings on the track, as part of the BLB Kids Choir.

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