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disney's sorcerer's arena

There are three new characters to join in the battle within Disney's Sorcerer's Arena tabletop game from The Op Games. Available now is a THRILLS & CHILLS expansion pack that adds Jack Skellington, Mother Gothel and The Horned King to the gladiatorial arena that pits fan favorites from Disney and Pixar animated movies in combat against each other. These three scary characters can now join Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey, Aladin, Ariel, Dr. Facilier, Demona, Gaston, Maleficient and Sulley from the game's core set in this epic turn-based combat game recommended for ages 13+.

DISNEY'S SORCERER'S ARENA is designed for one on one gameplay or matches of two on two teams making it suited for 2 to 4 players. Matches last about a half hour. The core set is required to utilize expansion packs like "Thrills and Chills". Also available is a "Turning the Tide" themed expansion pack which includes Davey Jones, Moana and Stitch to go along with the Core set and "Thrills & Chills" expansion. Which characters are you most excited to team up in your quest to become the Master Summoner who dominates the Sorcerer's Arena?

The "Thrills & Chills" expansion pack for DISNEY'S SORCERER'S ARENA tabletop game adds three exciting options in Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Mother Gothel from Tangled, and The Horned King from The Black Cauldron. Included are acrylic standee figures with bases, a card deck for each character (10 cards per deck), nine status effect tokens, three character turn order tokens, 3 Cauldron Born character tokens, and an ability card for Jack Skellington, Mother Gothel and The Horned King. The expansion pack adds two new mechanics and one status effect not seen in the Core Set. So, there are some fun bonuses to adding this expansion pack beyond just introducing new characters into your battles.

Here are some details about the new heroes and villains entering into Disney's Sorcerer's arena:


disney's sorcerer's arena

The Horned King is one of the most ruthless and merciless villains in a Disney movie whose sole goal is to become a "God between mortal men." He searches for the legendary Black Cauldron that has the power to raise the dead. Upon obtaining it, The Horned King creates an undead legion of soldiers called Cauldron Born. 

In Disney's Sorcerer's Arena, The Horned King introduces a new mechanic allowing him to control character tokens for Cauldron Born. These Cauldron Born character tokens are allies to the characters on their Summoner's team and don't have their own moves but rather are controlled by a primary character they are associated with such as The Horned King. His card deck and character skills allow this army of the dead to impact opposing characters within the arena.

disney's sorcerers arena

The Horned King also introduces constant abilities to the game. These are abilities that are always in effect when the character is in the Arena, including during your other character's turns and during rival Summoners' turns. The Horned King's constant ability is whenever he gains victory points if there are two or fewer Cauldron Born in the arena, another Cauldron Born token is placed in an unoccupied adjacent space.

He has a standard attack of 2 points and standard movement of 1 space per turn as well as a forced march skill which allows him to move one allied Cauldron Born up to 2 spaces each turn. Additionally, The Horned King can be upgraded to give him the ability that at the beginning of each rival's starting phase, that rival takes 1 point of damage for each Cauldron Born token they are adjacent to. The Horned King's action cards that allow him to control an army of Cauldron Born warriors around the game board like chess pawns make him a formidable foe. 


disney's sorcerers arena game

Mother Gothel is a witch that utilizes the magical properties of Rapunzel's hair to keep herself perpetually young. She has a standard move rate of 2 spaces and standard attack of 2 points. She has a special skill that allows her to have the top card of a rival Summoner's deck revealed. That Summoner may then choose to either banish the revealed card or Mother Gothel gains a Stealthy advantage. 

She also can be upgraded to allow her to force a rival Summoner to reveal their entire hand of cards. Mother Gothel can then banish up to two revealed cards for the same character. Her action cards also provide some wicked magical and backstabbing attacks making her much more deadly than she may appear. Watch out for Mother Gothel because she has the ability to sneak up on other characters, banish their abilities and slit their throats. Don't underestimate her because she doesn't come off as monstrous or overly dangerous as she is a very evil threat.


disney's sorcerer's arena

Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. He serves as the patron spirit of Halloween much the same way Santa Claus and Easter Bunny represent their respective holidays. Yet he strives to expand his jurisdiction beyond just Halloween. He means well but can get himself into trouble because while Jack means well Skellington can be rather naive at times.

He has a standard move rate of 2 spaces and attack worth 2 points of damage. He can help a friend with a skill that allows him to discard a card in his hand in exchange for being able to move a status effect on one character to another ally. Jack Skellington can also be upgraded so that on each of his turns an additional counter token can be added to a status effect.

disneys sorcerers arena game

Jack's action cards have a focus on status effects, especially the new one added into the game through this expansion pack, afraid. Afraid makes a character use all of its movements each turn causing it to take 2 points of damage if coming to rest adjacent to a rival. Skellington also has cards that impact rivals becoming Immobilized, Flustered as well as Afraid. He also can prompt allies to be Strong! 

Of the three characters, Jack Skellington has the most health points with 10 needed to be eliminated to vanquish him yet his rivals get the least victory points for defeating him at 5. The Horned King will earn an opposing team 6 victory points by eliminating his eight health points. Mother Gothel is the easiest to take out at 7 health points with the same reward as The Horned King with 6 victory points. These points along with character abilities create strategic considerations when determining whom you want to summon to join your gladiatorial team.

disneys sorcerers arena game

Which character from the "Chills & Thrills" expansion pack are you most geeked about utilizing in a game of Disney's Sorcerer's Arena?

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