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marve dice throne game

Warriors from multiple dimensions and times have been transported to a gladiatorial arena to engage in combat to see who is the greatest champion among them in the dice-rolling tabletop game DICE THRONE. This Yahtzee inspired dueling game from Roxley Game involves the tactical use of unique abilities and the manipulation of dice rolls to battle opponents who roleplay from a fantastic lineup of characters ranging from a Barbarian to a Vampire Lord. It is a fun, fast-paced game that is complemented by fabulous artwork incorporated into its components. 

And now players can take on the roles of characters from the Marvel Universe in their DICE THRONE battles. The Marvel Edition of DICE THRONE incorporates the Scarlet Witch, Miles Morales Spider-Man, Loki and Thor into gameplay. Battle in one-on-one duels or multiple player battle royals among these Marvel characters or incorporate them into gladiator matches versus warriors from any other published DICE THRONE game. Pit Spider-Man versus Shadow Thief, Scarlet Witch against a Monk, Thor taking on Paladine, or Loki engaging against the Tactician for example.

This Geek Daddy took on Groot to see who would come out on top in the sibling rivalry between Thor and Loki a DICE THRONE Marvel Edition bout. Thor has strong attacks to overpower adversaries; but Loki utilizes illusion and trickery to his advantage. We studied the rules and got ready to jump into the DICE THRONE arena playing as the Gods of Thunder and Mischief. Every player character starts with a set number of health points and the first combatant to reach 0 loses. 

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The game starts off with each player rolling a die. Highest roll gets to go first in the turns. Each player starts off four action cards in their hand that can impact offensive and defensive moves by your character. You can accumulate up to six cards in your hand at any given time during the game. You also start with 2 combat points which are a currency that is needed to play action cards or to potentially utilize some of a character's unique abilities and skills. For example, action cards range from 0 - 2 combat points to activate. The game includes health and combat point trackers for each character to make keeping track of these stats easy.

Every turn starts with a player gaining 1 combat point and drawing an action card. At this time a player can also discard a card from their hand to buy 1 combat point. Next the player can roll any number of their five dice up to three times to activate a single offensive ability. Players can either utilize the numbers on the dice or the symbols to activate different attacks and defenses. So, in my first roll Thor the die had the numbers showing 1,3,3,5,6. I kept the 1 and one of the 3s and re-rolled 3, 5 and 6. The second roll came up as a 1, 2 and 6. I kept the 2 and rerolled the 1 and 6. My third roll came up a 4 and a 1. That gave me a small straight 1,2,3,4 which triggered a lightning rod attack dealing 7 points of damage to Loki. 

dice throne marvel edition

Opposing players though can attempt to Defend against an attack. Each character has a unique defense ability. Loki's don't really prevent damage but allow him to essentially utilize or gain a skill or ability from any roll of the die during his defense move. In this situation, Loki's roll of the die allowed him to gain another action card but he still had to subtract 7 points from his initial 50.

Now it was Loki's turn. Groot drew a card to add to his hand and added one to his combat points moving him to 3 on his dial tracker. On his first roll of the die, Groot's dice showed three with scepter symbols and two with illusion symbols. Loki then inflicted his confuddle attack upon Thor which inflicted two status effects plus seven points of damage upon Thor. 

dice throne

Each character may have one or more status effects which are represented by tokens. Positive or Negative status effects can be gained or inflicted on yourself or other players. Status effects are usually activated or inflicted via dice rolls activating an offensive ability, such as Loki's Confuddle attack, or through a player utilizing an action card to trigger one.

dice throne marvel

Loki actually has three status effects that he can utilize: Illusion, Bag of Tricks, and Spellbound. Loki utilized these status effects to negatively impact and damage his opponents more than direct attacks against them. When combating Loki he will try to have your head spinning with these status effects.

Utilizing Illusion, when Loki is attacked he can present the other player with three face down Illusion cards. The attacking player picks one card to flip over and resolves the attack based upon the text on the card. Illusion could have no impact at all on an attack or could totally eliminate any negative impact on him.

loki status effects

Loki's bag of tricks makes a player who has been inflicted with the status effect to remove it at the beginning of the next turn after it has been inflicted by rolling one die. On a roll of 1, the player loses one combat point; on a roll of 2-5, Loki chooses whether the player heals two health points, gains one combat point, or receives two damage points; on a roll of 6, Loki gains two combat points. Bag of Tricks is especially valuable when there are multiple players in a game who Loki may want to ally with and in 1x1 combat Loki can potentially up his own health or combat points from its use.

Spellbound allows Loki to limit an opponent's attacks. When inflicted, a token is placed so that it covers the name of an opponent's offensive ability. Loki can use this to eliminate another player's easy to gain attacks such as the high and low straight triggered offensive abilities. This causes the attacker to be more reliant on the luck of the roll of dice and could befuddle offensive options against Loki,

dice throne

dice throne

Thor has two status effects of his own: Guard Break and Electrokinesis. Utilizing Guard Break, Thor can roll one die after completing his offensive roll phase. If the outcome is 1-3, Thor's attack becomes undefendable! The Electrokinesis status effects can be used to boast Thor's abilities or cashed in to draw one action card.

Thor also has a companion, his trusty weapon Mjolnir, which has its own special rules and is represented by its own token of the magical hammer. Throwing Mjolnir provides one point of undefendable damage against an opponent. Mjolnir is thrown or retrieved by discarding an action card or by triggering an offensive ability that includes throw or retrieve instructions upon it. Mjolnir can be a game breaker for Thor if he uses it strategically.

marvel dice throne

Who do you think prevailed in this epic battle between Loki and Thor?! To find out, I encourage you to play out your own DICE THRONE Marvel Edition game to see who comes out on top. Which of the two is your favorite?


Reveling in trickery, Loki the God of Mischief must be found hiding among his Illusions. Befuddling his foes with a deft hand, he will put a spell on you. Caution is advised when he smiles and graciously gives you a gift as his bags of tricks might backfire in your face.

marvel dice throne loki

marvel dice throne thor

Thor's attacks sizzle with energy, pushing the God of Thunder to new levels of power that can penetrate all manner of defenses. When he grasps the handle of Mjolnir, his legendary companion, he can call forth the lightning from the storm to bring low all his enemies.

Also joining the DICE THRONE fray are four more Marvel characters available in expansion packs. Marvel DICE THRONE 2-Hero Boxes let players bring Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Doctor Strange into the action. Captain Marvel's cosmic rays, Black Panther's Vibranium suit, Doctor Strange's Premonition and Black Widow's Time Bomb create a variety of new scenarios for players to engage in during DICE THRONE duels.

marvel dice throne

DICE THRONE is recommended for ages 8 years and older. It has an average game time of a half hour per match. These Marvel versions of DICE THRONE are available from The OP Games and are fully compatible with other Roxley Games editions of the game.

Who is geeked about the Marvel Edition of DICE THRONE? Which character are you most excited to play as? I'm looking forward to playing some matches as Dr. Strange!

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