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New River Gorge West Virginia

Visiting West Virginia? Then you need to visit "The Gorge"! West Virginia's New River Gorge is a spectacular place. Here are five reasons that "The Gorge" is special:

"The Gorge" is the location of the country's newest National Park that preserves one of the continent's oldest rivers. New River Gorge National Park is full of hidden gems like scenic views to discover and ghost towns to explore. It is a rock climbing and whitewater rafting wonderland for adventure sports enthusiasts and has miles of trails for those with a wanderlust for hiking off the beaten path.

2. Diverse & Unique Habitat

The New River Gorge is home to a variety of flora and fauna not found very many other places on the planet. "The Gorge" has the most diverse salamander population in the world, many of which can be found within the national park boundary. Old growth hemlock groves, and many different types of hardwood trees can also be found in this region that has transformed from a mining industry hub of activity to a preserved wilderness. Migratory birds rest here while enroute north or south making it a heavenly spot for birdwatching. 

3. Adventures on the Gorge

New River Gorge is home to one of the nation's best adventure sports resorts. A stone's throw from the national park, its campus has a pool with a cliff-side view down into "The Gorge" and a canopy tour that showcases the area's unique topography. Accommodations at Adventures on the Gorge for people who partake in its adventure sports that range from mountain biking and paint ball battles to whitewater rafting and ziplining include resort cabins, rustic camping and RV parking. 

4. Gorgeous Landscapes

The New River Gorge features lush green forests during the summer, breathtaking colors during the fall, and often becomes blanketed with snow during the winter. The spring brings with it a wide variety of wildflowers, plus blooming rhododendrons that only add to the dramatic gorge landscape. Hikers can take to the cliffline or the bottom of the Gorge to explore waterfalls, rock outcrops, and stunning views no matter the season.

New River Gorge West Virginia

5. An Awesome Bridge

You might be thinking, "A bridge, seriously?!". But seriously, it's really AWESOME! Towering at 876 feet, this bridge is an engineering marvel.  Every year the community celebrates its treasured landmark by throwing a huge party. On Bridge Day, BASE jumpers from around the world fly from the bridge top to the valley below. From Spring through Fall though those who are up for an adventure but don't want to jump off it can take a tour across the catwalk that spans the Gorge under the roadway.

There is a lot to be geeked about when it comes to visiting West Virginia's New River Gorge!

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