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christmas comic books 2022

Looking for some Christmas themed comic books to read this holiday season? Here are some holiday themed stories that will be on comic shop shelves this year:

DC Comics is showing some holiday spirit in its one-shot GRIFTER GOT RUN OVER BY A REINDEER. Ho-ho-ho my gosh, it's time to deck the halls with, Harley Quinn, Batman, and more of your favorite DC superstars! Who made it to the Nice List? Hawkman? Black Canary? Is that Animal Man on the naughty list? And how did Grifter find himself in the targeting sights of those pesky reindeer! Get one for you and an extra for a loved one's stocking (yule be glad you did!) in this holiday song celebration!

dc comics

Archie Comics have experienced an artistic renewal with their horror stories which this year have the kids from Riverdale High having a horror-ible Christmas. Fans of Archie Horror comic books won't want to miss this year's HAPPY HORROR DAYS. A nice Christmas gift for comic book readers with an anthology of holiday tales featuring some of your favorite Archie Comics characters!

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a... werewolf?! The holidays look a little different in Riverdale this year-Santa's nowhere in sight but Krampus is on the rampage! Who can take him down? 

Why only someone who can meet his match, and that someone's best friend/monster hunter. That's right, WereJug returns to do battle with the horned and hoofed holiday beast with Betty Cooper in his corner! Then, dive into the true story of the Icelandic yule cat, J lak├Âtturinn, and her master-Sheila Wu?! Finally, Reggie meets a nice girl that he takes to the holiday dance-but things aren't as they seem when she systematically dismantles Reggie's life! 

archie horror

Old school fans of Archie Comics will enjoy this year's more traditional ARCHIE CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR issue. Celebrate Christmas with a BRAND-NEW story with this collection of festive tales! "Christmas Pie Guy" begins with an irate Miz Beazley who's just had one of her famous Christmas pies stolen! The thief? Beazly believes it to be Jughead and wants to make sure he pays. Seeing her rage, Mr. Svenson tries to spark the Christmas spirit back in his friend-but can it be done?

archie comics

Rock out this holiday season with BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT HOLIDAY SPECIAL from Opus Comics. Roll over Beethoven, the Wyld Stallyns have their own ode to joy to share with the world! John Barber (Back to the Future) and Reilly Brown (Deadpool) bring you this most triumphant message of peace, love, and understanding. Plus, another bonus story featuring Rufus!

bill and ted

A Very Special Holiday Special from Scout Comics --> IMPOSSIBLE JONES: NAUGHTY OR NICE.  Holly Daze threatens to blow up the city, forcing IMP to play hero just as she's planning her own Holiday Heist! And IMP thought they were friends! Added Bonus: a seasonal Even Steven story where his insistence that everything be equal is tested when he receives an anonymous gift-and returning the gesture is, well, impossible!

impossible jones

From Zenescope, GRIMM TALES OF TERROR: HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2022. It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! Unless you've put yourself on Keres the Goddess of Death's naughty list. Featuring four tales of holiday themed horror that is guaranteed turn your White Christmas red.

grimmm tales of terror

Just in time for the happiest time of the year comes the GRIMMM FAIRY TALES 2022 HOLIDAY PINUP SPECIAL! Get ready to check out all of your favorite Grimm Universe heroines and villainesses, spreading some holiday cheer in their sultry winter outfits! Some of the industry's top artists contribute gorgeous pin-ups of the Grimm Universe's most popular female characters in this stunning collection. Also includes a never before published Grimm Fairy Tales short story!

zenescope comic books

Ho Ho Horror! The slasher film that turned Christmas into a killer holiday is back! Billy saw his parents viciously murdered at the hands of a madman in a Santa suit. Orphaned and alone, Billy suffered even more at the hands of an overly strict nun, turning him into a killing machine hell-bent on punishing the naughty. Now...40 years later, a new nightmare begins. 

In SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT, a holiday killer is on the loose, but there's more here than just a psycho in a red suit. Sinister forces have awakened to raise an unstoppable evil once more, doling out punishment with the edge of his axe. Don't get caught on this naughty list. This is a brand new officially licensed story taking place after the events of the 1984 movie and delivering a brand-new horrifying holiday classic!

silent night deadly night

The goofy monsters of Rebellion comic books have their own holiday special full of festive mischief. MONSTER FUN CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2022 is on comic book shop shelves now.

monster fun

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