Monday, December 5, 2022


batman spawn comic book 2022

Comic book fans are getting an early Christmas present when a special one-shot comic book arrives at stores on December 13, 2022. Publishing companies Image and DC are teaming up to bring together two iconic comic characters into one jumbo sized story. DC's Batman and Image's Spawn will be battling it out in a 48-page prestige format special issue.

To close out Image Comics' 30th anniversary they are joining Spawn, the longest running independently published comic book series of all time, with Batman, one of the longest running publishing house comic book series of all time. Image Comics was created by artists who wanted to retain ownership of their art rather than it just becoming the intellectual property of the big publishing companies like Marvel and DC. Spawn became a fast horse out of the game for Image with its first issue selling 1.7 million copies. Over the years, the adventures of this Hellspawn have kept Spawn a prosperous comic book property with a loyal legion of fans.

batman spawn

Artist Greg Capullo has been in charge of painting the portrait of Batman imagery in DC Comics for awhile now. But prior to his stint drawing Batman, he was bringing Spawn to life as an illustrator for Image Comics. To celebrate Image Comics' 30th anniversary he wanted to bring two characters that have been heavily influenced by him together for an epic encounter. Thus, this Batman/Spawn one-shot comic book hitting comic book shop shelves on December 13th was born.

Two dark heroes, cursed by tragedy find their paths crossing ... but not by choice! What sinister foe is at work pitting the Dark Knight against the Hellspawn? From the shadows of Gotham City to New York City, this promises to be a blockbuster story three decades in the making!




Being from the Motor City I have to appreciate Spawn being a kick-ass anti-hero from Detroit; but yet having a career in criminal law have to respect Batman being the World's Greatest Detective. So, I'm interested to see what happens when these two cross paths. Are you geeked about this DC Comics and Image Comics crossover event? I sure am!

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