Sunday, July 30, 2023


ballzn game

Looking for a fun fast-paced game to play outside on a nice summer day? Give BALLZ'N a try! This competitive game challenges opponents to out bounce their opponents in scoring points with pong balls. Great for game time when friends and family are over.


Stack bowls and start bouncin’ 

OFFENSE: Bounce your team’s ballz into the upper bowls for +1 or +2 points. 

DEFENSE: Bounce your opponent’s ballz into the lower bowl for -1 point. 

WIN: Sink your ballz into the top tube for an instant win! Watch Out! Don’t knock the stack over – it’s an instant loss! Otherwise when all the ballz are in a bowl the team with the most points wins.


The game can be easy going or intense depending on how much action players want. Play defense swatting opponents shots and grabbing rebounds that has everyone running around the stack bowls or be more laid back with everyone just tossing up trick shots to see who gets the most points or hits the instant win tube. An entertaining game to play with friends and family members of all ages.

Easy to setup and convenient to store BALLZ'N from Little Kids, Inc. is an exciting game that is equally good to have around the house as to take on a road trip. Play in one-on-one matches or partner up for team play. The game comes with six green and six blue ballz to play with. Recommended for ages 8+. 


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