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ruko remote control truck toy review

Thanks to RUKO for sending me one of their new remote control toy trucks to take outside and try out. This girl dad is going to be having some off roading fun with his daughter playing with this pink and purple styled amphibious Ruko RC truck. YES, I said AMPHIBIOUS! This remote control toy truck has an IPX6 waterproof rating making it great for having fun with it at the beach, running it through mud puddles or playing in the rain.

The truck's chassis height is optimized for having 4X4 off road fun. Climb over obstacles, race through different terrains, or jump it over ramps and hill. This 1:10 scale [15.3 inches long, 10.3 inches wide and 8.2 inches high] is meant to get dirty and wet through rugged play. It is built durable enough to take a beating and keep on running to provide plenty of off-roading 4x4 excitement. 

The Ruko amphibious RC truck also has some nice features that enhance its useability and ease of use. This remote control toy truck includes rechargeable batteries to power it which provides approximately 50 minutes per charge of play time. Just plug it into a usb port to recharge. Oh yeah, they provide you with two batteries so you can run the toy while your other battery is recharging! 

The RC truck has an anti-collision design includes sturdy front and rear bumpers to avoid damage when it crashes into things. The rear bumper also serves as a carrying handle. Plus, the truck has working headlights and brake lights that look really sharp. 

Ruko 1601AMP3 Amphibious RC Truck for Girls

The only detraction with this toy is it has a very basic remote control. While the remote control works great for having this truck climb over obstacles, hurdling it through mud or having the toy spin around, steering it for turns or navigating a track can be challenging. Also, the remote control uses 2 AAA batteries which are not included. I had to make a special trip to the store just to get batteries for the remote control before we could use it. 

ruko waterproof rc toy truck

So yes there are some detractions for the vehicle, but all in all it is a well built, durable toy that has the potential to provide hours of playtime entertainment. I appreciate that Ruko intentionally styled the toy to make it attractive for girls. Having fun off-roading and playing with remote control cars and trucks shouldn't be a "boy" thing. Hopefully this color scheme that is meant to be appealing to ladies will result in some quality daddy-daughter / mommy-daughter experiences that will inspire girls to be excited about STEM and motor sports and entice them into being gearheads. 

I also appreciate the waterproof aspect of this toy that greatly expands upon the playability and durability of the toy. Create a ramp to jump it into a pool...take it along on a beach vacation...go outside on a rainy day to play in the mud. The IPX6 rating is a very nice aspect of this toy.

waterproof toy truck

This is a very nice entry level remote control toy at a reasonable price which can be exceptionally fun for either young children or adults to have fun playing with. Therefore, the Ruko 1601AMP3 Amphibious RC Truck for Girls earns a Geek Daddy nod of approval. It is available to purchase on

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