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omega eleven comic book kickstarter

Fans of DOCTOR WHO will want to check out a Kickstarter by Monstrous Books looking to launch a comic book series featuring a time traveling scientist who was the inspiration for the main character in the BBC sci-fi television series.  Le Docteur Oméga, a novel written in 1906 by French author Arnold Galopin, that has a mysterious inventor and his companion handyman in science fiction themed adventures. Galopin's character was an inspiration decades later in the creation of the Doctor Who tv show. A new edition of Le Docteur Oméga was published in 2003 celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Doctor Who with cover art providing a modern take on illustrations from the 1973 novel Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks and changing some of the French author's original text altering the human scientist into an alien Time Lord presumed to be the First Doctor

Now Monstrous Books is crowd-funding the first issue of a Doctor Omega comic book series that returns to character to his original roots and sets him off on his own epic science fiction adventures. Bram Stoker winner James Aquilone (Kolchak: The Night Stalker – 50th Anniversary) and acclaimed artist Zac Atkinson (Young Justice, Transformers) are crafting a story that follows time traveler Doctor Omega as he gathers history’s greatest thieves to pull off an impossible heist that is necessary to save the Omniverse. If you ever wanted to ride in a Tardis, join the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or steal the Mona Lisa with the Time Bandits, THE OMEGA ELEVEN is a Kickstarter campaign you'll be eager to support.

In THE MERLIN JOB — the first issue in a planned epic five-issue series — Doctor Omega and his companion, 14-year-old Jack Dawkins, aka The Artful Dodger, travel to Camelot to steal the Philosopher's Stone from Merlin—and things go catastrophically wrong. 

doctor omega comic books
the omega eleven comic books

Pledges start off as low as $8 for a digital edition of issue number one of THE OMEGA ELEVEN and $12 for a print edition of THE OMEGA ELEVEN #1 autographed by Aquilone and Atkinson. There are also other pledge levels including having your face drawn as a character in the comic books, commissioned artwork, story themed trading cards, t-shirts and more. Fulfillment of this Kickstarter, if successfully funded, is estimated to be December 2024.

If you are geeked about embarking on a Doctor Omega adventure, don't hesitate to make a Kickstarter Pledge because this campaign ends March 7th. Don't miss out on what looks to be a fun comic book read with some impressive art to bring its story to life. 

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