Saturday, February 17, 2024


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A new mind twisting puzzle game, QUADROIDS, is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on February 22, 2024. Crafted by solo-developer Blue Loop Studio, Quadroids sees you assist an evil robotic overlord, Roboctopus, in its quest for galactic domination. With an army of devious bots - Quadroids - you’ll navigate over 100 crafty trials, dodging pools of acid, lasers, and all manner of death-dealing dangers.

Game features include:
  • Four Screens, One Player - Control the Quadroids across four screens simultaneously for the ultimate coordination challenge. 
  •  Survive the perils of Space - A myriad of hazards await! Avoid acid baths, dodge spikes and manipulate your environment. 
  •  Sacrifices Must Be Made! - Every death is a platforming opportunity. Sacrifice bots to secure victory. 
  •  Assist an Evil Robotic Overlord - Over 100 levels stand between your army and intergalactic domination.
  •  Ask For Help - Play with up to 4 people, who can take over one or more of the screens to help you become “Employee of the month”! 
  •  Stream Your Struggles - Twitch integration for streamers to interact with their audience and give them partial or total command over your screens! Viewers can also ‘volunteer’ to be featured in the game… And gently be sacrificed... Oops!
Check out the game trailer:

For more information about the game, visit its Twitter account @Quadroids. And if you are on Twitter, X, or whatever the hell they are calling that social media platform these days please give this Geek Daddy's account, @Geekdad248, a follow too. 

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