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the blue angels documentary

We lived near an airport that hosted an annual air show when I was in elementary school and every year you could count on the Navy's Blue Angels being there. In fact, they'd be in town for a week practicing so the planes would be out flying for us to see from the school playground at recess or when walking home from the bus stop. So, I have a special appreciation based upon my childhood memories for these aerial acrobatics serving as military goodwill ambassadors and recruiters as they fly around the country performing precision routines in their jets. 

Now, Amazon MGM Studios and IMAX bring a brand new documentary – The Blue Angels – that will take audiences soaring with the Navy’s elite Flight Demonstration Squadron as never before. Filmed for IMAX, the immersive footage puts you in the cockpit for a firsthand view of the Blue Angels’ precision flying, while the aerial shots deliver a spectacular showcase of the breathtaking maneuvers that have made them the world’s premier jet team. I am GEEKED to see THE BLUE ANGELS when this documentary is released! 

The documentary also takes audiences behind the scenes for a revealing, in-depth look at what it takes to become a Blue Angel—from the careful selection process to the challenging training regimen, and on through the demanding eight-month show season. The film is a fitting tribute to the extraordinary teamwork, passion and pride of the hundreds of outstanding men and women of the Navy and Marine Corps who have had the honor to serve in the Blue Angels squadron...past, present and future.

Experience The Blue Angels in IMAX® for one week only, May 17th - 23rd, and streaming globally on Prime Video beginning May 23rd. The documentary is rated G by the Motion Picture Association of America.

the blue angels filmed for imax

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