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steve elci

Following his induction into the New England Music Hall of Fame this year, Steve Elci, who has made a name for himself for his musical performances for children, is releasing his sixth kindie rock album on July 19. ALL TOGETHER NOW is full of inspiring songs to encourage kids to imagine a world like never before and includes the contribution of special guests the Grammy-winning Alphabet Rockers.   

Steve Elci's ALL TOGETHER NOW covers topics as wide-ranging as saving the environment, working toward peace, fighting bias, loving yourself for who you are, chasing your dreams, and the fulfillment inherent in friendship, love, and hope. Growing up in the ‘80s, Steve witnessed music changing the world, especially through the Live Aid and Farm Aid benefit concerts and charity singles like “We Are the World.” Inspired by the powerful impact that music can have, Steve conceived ALL TOGETHER NOW as a vehicle for real change and connection.

Highlights of ALL TOGETHER NOW include “Puppy,” an alt-rock ode to love for a family pet, co-written and featuring the Alphabet Rockers, and the rollicking sea shanty, “Pirate Sails, Ginger Ales, And Tall Tales,” which showcases a crew of very friendly pirates! The joyful pop-rock “The Power Of The Sunflower” was inspired by a walk Steve Elci took through Harkness Park in his hometown of Waterford, Connecticut, where there is a garden of majestic sunflowers whose faces always point to the sun. 

The album can be purchased $12 as a digital download on most major online musical retail outlets. ALL TOGETHER NOW has a runtime of 33 minutes. Previous albums include Nutmegger (2022), Jump in the Puddles (2018; Parents’ Choice Award), Imagination Nation (2014; title track, Akademia Award), Crayons in a Box (2012; title track, John Lennon Songwriting Contest finalist), and Vowels (2009; Parents’ Choice Award).

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