Friday, September 11, 2015

Tech Out Your Man Cave With Help From The Geek Squad

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I just wrapped up my Fantasy League Draft and finished blocking off all the Detroit Lions game day times on my calendar so now it's time to enjoy some FOOTBALL for the next few months!!!  Often times I'll watch a game on television with my family but sometimes a guy just wants to enjoy  sporting events without the distractions that spouses and kids often present.  So I have a little corner of the basement that is my getaway space where I can watch the Lions, Pistons or Red Wings play without any hassles or interruptions.  Sometimes I'll get a workout in while watching the tv helping me pass the time as I run a few miles or lift some weights.  Other times I just lay back in a lawn chair with a brew and snacks in hand while enjoying a game.  So that's my man cave!

Oh yes, the man cave! An oasis from whining kids and honey do lists where us guys can escape to unwind, watch sports, and have a little me time.  On the topic of man caves you have to check this out, my buddies at Best Buy's Geek Squad recently took a tired, old basement like mine and turned it into an example of how these spaces can be made “man-tastic.” CLICK HERE for Best Buy's play sheet of six sweet tech ideas that can elevate a man cave from drab to bad ass plus a video that highlights this man-tastic basement transformation.

Living in Detroit of course I've gone to some Red Wings hockey games.  One of my favorite parts of being at the game is when the lights flash after a goal is scored.  I always thought that it would be a cool addition for a man cave to have a light flash over the television like the ones in stadiums placed over the goals during a hockey match.  That way you could have the same effect while watching on television from home when a goal is scored while watching hockey or even better yet when a touchdown is scored in a football game.  That's why tip #2 of Best Buy's 6 Tech Ideas for the Ultimate Man Cave is my favorite.

The technology is now available for you to have your very own Sports Alert Light Show that once you've gotten it setup will work automatically without you having to lift a finger.  Calvin Johnson catches a TD, bam there is it! Miguel Cabrera hits a Home Run - boom!  Gustav Nyquist slaps in a shot - the room lights up! Insert your favorite team here scoring during a game and you can see the light!

So how do you set this up?  Through apps of course combined with the Philips hue lighting system.  There is an app called IF which allows you to setup automated tasks called recipes.  Tell IF "if this happens, then do that."  And shazam IF does it!  You can connect IF to the ESPN app so that it knows when your favorite team scores and can trigger Philips hue to make the lights flash.   Voila! you have your very own automated Sports Alert Light Show.  How cool is that?!

Hey you might not even be watching the game but instead focused on something else, like engaging in a Robot Fight Club bout, but you'll still know if something good is happening for your favorite teams when the Sports Alert light goes off.  So which of these Best Buy Tech Ideas for the Ultimate Man Cave is your favorite?
  1. Build a PC Gaming Station
  2. Set up a Sports Alert Light Show
  3. Sit Closer to the Action with 4K Ultra HD
  4. Customize a Kegerator with 3D printing tap
  5. Add a smart putting green
  6. Create a robot fight club

The college and pro football season is here! The NBA and NHL aren't far behind. Now is the perfect time to get those Man Cave upgrades in place. Stop by your local Best Buy store or visit for plenty of ways to up your game when it comes to having a great man cave.

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