Thursday, November 19, 2015

Capstone Publishing Transports Young Readers Into The World Of DC Comics Super Heroes

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Two of the most used words in my son's vocabulary are "why" and "how."  He is very curious always asking about how things work and why things happen or are the way they are.  Though only a first grader he's already demonstrated an incredible interest in math, science and technology and like most boys his age he's really into super heroes.  So to say he was excited when I brought out BATMAN SCIENCE: THE REAL-WORLD SCIENCE BEHIND BATMAN'S GEAR to read with him would be an understatement.

Fans of Batman will know that when it comes to fighting crime unlike other comic book heroes it isn't super power that let the Caped Crusader save the day but rather his technology that often gives him the edge over the villains he is fighting against.  Batman is know for his gadget packed utility belt and tricked out custom vehicles like the batmobile and Capstone Publishing's book BATMAN SCIENCE explores the science behind the hero's really cool technology. This soft-cover 142 page book is divided into four sections:  Batsuits & Capes - The Science Behind Batman's Body Armor, Batarangs & Grapnel Guns - The Science Behind Batman's Utility Belt, Batmobiles & Batcycles - The Engineering Behind Batman's Vehicles, and Batplanes & Batcopters - The Engineering Behind Batman's Wings.  These sections feature a bunch of Batman's cool high-tech crime fighting tools and weapons plus highlight real world applications of similar technology.  By combining the entertaining elements of the comic books, television series, movies and video games with engineering and science examples from the real world this book provides an educational learning experience that is also an enjoyable read for kids.

For example in the Batsuits and Capes section of the book, Batman's ability to withstand fiery explosions is compared to the use of firefighters using a material called Nomex in their suits. It provides a history and overview of Nomex and even provides an example of how family's may regularly use it in their own kitchens on a regular basis -- oven mitts. In Batarangs & Grapnel Guns, the book describes Batman's grappling hook devices and compares them to a tool being used by the U.S. Military called the Atlas Power Ascender which can pull a fully-geared soldier up a rope at about 10 feet per second.  In discussing the engineering behind Batman's vehicle some of the tricks of the trade include stealth mode and the book refers to how today's electric and hybrid car engines make almost no noise.  In fact the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is concerned these modern-day vehicles could present a safety hazard for bikers and walkers who won't hear these vehicles approaching them.  BATMAN SCIENCE shows that there often can be real world applications for the high-tech vehicles and gadgets portrayed in science fiction.

BATMAN SCIENCE is filled with great illustrations of Batman plus chock-full of colorful pictures highlighting the real-world science behind his gear and vehicles.  My son has really been wowed by this book.  I have to admit I've learned a few things and really enjoyed flipping through the pages while reading it to him.  BATMAN SCIENCE has a 3rd - 5th Grade Reading Level and is recommended for children from first through ninth grade.  Obviously with younger children the book will need to be read to them.  In our case that hasn't been a big deal because I've really enjoyed reading through this book with my son and seeing him be so engaged by its content.

In addition to reading to my son most nights, we also have him spend 20 minutes every night reading to my wife or me to help him with his learning to read.  He really enjoys reading Capstone Publishing's Batman -- An Origin Story which is just at the right level for his current reading ability.  The book is filled with colorful illustrations depicting the story of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.  Each page only has two sentences and the vocabulary is at a beginning reader level so reading through this book isn't intimidating.  My son really enjoys reading through this book and as a parent I appreciate it getting him to want to read.  Batman -- An Origin Story is aimed for children 5 to 7 years old in grades Kindergarten through Second Grade.  This Capstone Young Readers line of books also includes origin stores for several other popular DC Comics characters including the Green Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman.  Both my son and daughter really like the Wonder Woman book as well.

In addition to BATMAN SCIENCE and their lineup of origin stories, Capstone Publishing also have a couple of other really fun books that transport children into the world of DC Comics Super Heroes.  DC Super Heroes Origami and How To Draw Batman/Superman And Other DC Super Heroes & Villains provide an outlet for children to utilize their artistic and creative talents.  These books provide fun hands-on activities that can keep kids amused for hours and could even inspire someone to become the next generation of comic book artists or animated television show illustrators.

DC Super Heroes Origami provides 46 models that can be shaped out of paper.  These models were meticulously designed by internationally renowned origami master John Montroll.  The book provides clear stet-by-step diagrams and instructions to allow children to transform simple square pieces of paper into Batarangs, Invisible Jets, Green Lanterns and a ton of other DC Comics Super Hero inspired creations.  DC Super Heroes Origami also includes 96 sheets of specially illustrated folding papers designed specifically for kids to bring their creations to life.  Show off your folded models and people will truly believe that you're the one with super powers to be able to build such marvelous creations. DC Super Heroes Origami is 448 pages and recommend for children 8 to 12 years old in grades 3 through 7 at school.

How To Draw Batman/Superman is a great way to inspire kid's artistic side.  Readers will learn to draw popular heroes like Superman and Batman as well as their nemesis Lex Luthor and Joker.  This book provides simple step-by-step instructions for 50 full-color drawing projects.  The book also provides character backgrounds and summaries so readers can learn all about the heroes and villains they are drawing.  This would be a great gift for any aspiring artist who loves to draw.

Capstone Publishing's DC Comics Super Heroes books get A Geek Daddy nod of approval because they are high quality publications that get children enthused about reading.  In addition to super heroes, Capstone has a huge catalog of books that will appeal to girls and boys alike ranging in age from kindergarten to high school which include biographies, fairy tales, mysteries, science fiction and scary stories among other topics. Check out all the great reading materials available for young readers at


  1. We tried out the Origami before and loved it. I have not yet seen the other books but again they look like fun reads and definitely books that my girls would enjoy. Thanks for sharing! Great mask by the way!

  2. You have installed a long of learning in him! He may have a career in a science related field.

  3. Great educational and enjoyable books! I would love to have them too for my kids at home.

  4. I loved that you put the Batman mask on while you read it. Good job dad!

  5. So cool! My husband would probably love that Batman Science book for himself, haha. :) And the Batman mask is the perfect reading gear for it, too. :)

  6. What fabulous superhero resources! My daughter and I may be making a trip to the bookstore this weekend ;)

  7. The color in the comic books is really nice and of great quality. What a great idea about learning how to draw the super hero's too. These books look like a pretty great gift idea for Christmas.