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I always enjoy visiting Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford.  This living history museum in Dearborn, Michigan preserves a hundred year era from 1830 - 1930. During that period in time there were incredible advancements bringing the world technological marvels that occurred from the harnessing of electricity and improved mobility due to the emergence of automobile, airplane and locomotive transportation. This is highlighted at Greenfield Village where you can wander through the early workshops where Henry Ford started his car company, Thomas Edison experimented with electricity and Orville & Wilbur Wright designed the first airplane to successfully take flight.

While touring these buildings and other historical sites relocated here is interesting, my favorite aspect of a visit to Greenfield Village is the opportunity to ride in vehicles from this time period of American innovation. Authentic horse drawn carriages, locomotives, and antique automobiles are all available to be rode around Greenfield Village in. There is also a classic carousel you can take a spin on.

Don't miss out on taking a leisurely ride. Many of the chauffeurs make great tour guides providing lots of interesting insights about the landmarks you pass during your ride. It also provides a great perspective to take in the scenery of Greenfield Village. Plus riding through history is just plain old fun and provides a memorable experience that is better memento of your visit than any souvenir you could bring home with you.

Here are the rides that are available at Greenfield Village:


Wagon Rides
Omnibuses pulled by teams of horses were the first mass transit in America's cities dating back to the 1830s. Originally just nicely outfitted horse-drawn coaches, eventually omnibuses began to follow paths of set iron tracks that their wheels rolled along. This provided a smoother, more comfortable ride for passengers and an easier burden on the horses. As transportation became mechanized, omnibuses became replaced by trolleys and subways in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


Train Rides
Locomotives monopolized transit across America from the mid-1800s through late 1900s until commercial trucking and air travel became more economical alternatives.  Travel like they did during the glory years of locomotives on one of the steam or diesel powered locomotives that loop Greenfield Village. Travel a 3-mile loop that provides scenic views of the landscape and historic sites along its track. You can also get on and off at stops along its route making this a nice way to cut down on your walking while exploring Greenfield Village.

Plus who doesn't love riding a train! It delights children and has a wonderful way of brining out the inner kid in adults. I'm always geeked when taking a ride on a Greenfield Village train especially because these are the real deal not the miniature versions often seen at amusement parks and zoos.


Model T rides

Ride in a vintage Model T manufactured by Ford Motor Company. A wonderful way to immerse yourself in the environment of this living history museum. Everyone has heard of the Model T, the vehicle that brought automobiles to the mass market and launched America's car culture. You can actually take a ride in one when visiting Greenfield Village! And when you hear these cars honk their horns while being driven around on one there is no way you won't get a big smile on your face.

There are a variety of Model T automobiles (1908 - 1927)  that people are driven around in. There are convertible and sedan versions of Model Ts to ride in, but our favorite to take a lap around Greenfield Village in is the Depot Hack which were the first utility vehicles.  These were primarily used to take passengers from boat docks and train stations to their hotels when visiting a city or provide deliveries around town. We are a little biased on this though because this dad blogger's own father owns one and loves to give family members and friends a ride in it.

Depot Hack

If you are going to Greenfield Village, taking a Model T ride is a must do activity!


These buses were built in 1931 by Ford Motor Company to promote public transit using their vehicles. The bus was built on Ford's Model AA truck platform -- basically the Model A car that had a stronger frame, suspension and wheels.  Powered by Ford's standard four-cylinder Model A car engine buses like those utilized by the Dearborn Coach Company that became really heavy when loaded with passengers weren't very fast. Speed wasn't that important for these vehicles though because they worked in stop-and-go city traffic so as long as they were able to get people around they were good to go.

A nice way to see the sites of Greenfield Village is through the windows of one of the Dearborn Coach Company buses (aka 1931 Ford Type 330B Tour Buses) that transport people around the place. These are some of the most modern vehicles providing rides to visitors within Greenfield Village but they still provide a vibe that you have been transported back in time when riding one. Sit back and enjoy the ride!


So you aren't caught off guard when arriving at Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford, please note that there is an additional fee beyond your general admission price to ride these historic vehicles. You can purchase tickets for single rides or an all day pass for unlimited riding. If spending an entire day at Greenfield Village I recommend paying extra getting an unlimited ride pass but if just spending a few hours there single ride tickets would probably be your best bet. Also note these rides are often included at no extra charge on the free admission days that Greenfield Village occasionally has or may be provided as part of the fee for special after-hours events such as Holiday nights.  Keep this in mind when planning a trip to visit Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan.

car rides

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