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World Record
A Geek Daddy was invited by Zap Zone to put together a team to participate in a World Record attempt that involved playing laser tag. I couldn't turn that down! So my kids and I along with one of their best friends and her dad headed over to the Canton location of Zap Zone to do a shift in their bid to be recognized by Guinness World Records for hosting the longest laser tag marathon.

Originally starting off as a place to play video games, Zap Zone has expanded its attractions and locations over the last twenty-five years. Now the family entertainment venue in addition to being an arcade also offers bumper cars, bowling, glo-golf, go-karts, ninja obstacle courses, roller skating, trampolines, virtual reality zones and of course laser tag. There are currently 9 Zap Zones in Michigan with 5 in Metro Detroit (Canton, Farmington, Sterling Heights, Taylor and Waterford) as well as locations in Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Brighton, and Lansing.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Zap Zone is trying to achieve two Guinness World Records involving laser tag:


First, the one we were invited participate in was to break the current record for the longest laser tag marathon.  This has two pre-selected teams constantly playing for the duration of the world record attempt with a third team being added from time to time into the mix to keep things interesting for the core group of players. Looking like the Ghostbusters with our laser phasers and target vests, we took on the role of the third team for a portion of this laser tag marathon.

The current record for continuously playing laser tag is 25 hours which was set in 2017 by Q-Zar Codevilla (Pavia, Italy). So that is the mark Zap Zone has to beat!  The two primary teams are planning on playing consecutively for 26 hours to achieve the world record … and if they have enough endurance may play even longer to make their accomplishment harder to beat.

This dad blogger's team had a blast jumping into the action. We had a lot of fun playing laser tag and it was made even more exciting knowing we were part of trying to achieve the Guinness World Record for longest laser tag marathon. Did we set the record? Well as I am writing this they still have another twenty hours left to play but from our interaction with the players it seems as if they won't have a problem setting it. The nice part of our role was that we got to play for a little while then go home.

Guinness World Record


Also coming up on August 25, 2019, Zap Zone is attempting to break Guinness World Record #2 for the most people playing in an ongoing laser tag match in a single day. The record is currently 250 people.  Zap Zone is hoping to burst that with a 1,000 or more participants playing laser tag from 10 am to 10 pm at their Farmington location.

Anyone who stops in during that time can play a 10-minute match for FREE to be part of the world record attempt. You will also receive a commemorative lanyard to mark the moment you participated in a Guinness World Record attempt. Stop by and join in!

Geek Daddy


If you aren't able to participate the Guinness World Record attempts there is still laser tag fun to be had at Zap Zones this weekend. As part of Zap Zone's twenty-fifth anniversary celebration, on Sunday, August 25 it will be FREE to play laser tag at ALL of the Zap Zone locations. Each of the Zap Zone locations, including the Farmington world record attempt, will be running the laser tag arena in a tournament format.

Players will be grouped into 2 teams of 10 players for each match. A team stays in the laser tag arena until they are defeated. If you are good enough you could compete in 10 matches in a row, maybe 100 or even keep playing all day long if no one defeats your team. You can come with 10 of your friends to all be on the same team or if alone be randomly placed on a team. Zap Zone wants everyone who comes out to have a chance to have fun playing a free match of laser tag on August 25. Come on out and have a good time!


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