Wednesday, August 21, 2019

McCafe It Forward

Keep an eye out the next few days for people like me who will be passing around town a McCafe It Forward card which provides a FREE cup of McDonald's premium roast coffee or an Iced Coffee. To celebrate a decade of McCafe being incorporated into McDonald's restaurants, 500 influencers were provided a coffee debit card good from August 21 - 23, 2019. We have been encouraged to enjoy a beverage ourselves and then be a brew gooder by passing it on to someone else.


If you get your hand on one of these cards simply redeem it for one free cup for yourself, then spread some kindness by giving it to someone else to use. Hopefully this will create a chain reaction of kindness! Don't hang on to these cards because there is no limit to the number of people it will provide coffee for but there is an expiration date of midnight on August 23. So be a brew gooder and McCafe It Forward!

Head over to to check the progress of how these cards are being given out across America. If you notice a golden patch around Detroit that is from me! Whether you have a chance to use a McCafe It Forward card or not, head over to the website anyways because beginning August 26, anyone can nominate somebody you believe is doing good out in the world to win a grand prize of McCafe for Life.

Whether being given to people as a thank you for doing good in the world or to strangers as a random act of kindness, McDonalds is hoping these cards will be shared over and over again creating moments that make people smile. Thanks McDonalds for choosing this dad blogger to help get this going! Looking forward to providing some happy moments for people this week by passing on my McCafe it Forward card here in Metro Detroit.


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