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Did you do anything fun as part of Batman Day? DC Comics marked Saturday, September 21, 2019 as the day it officially commemorated Batman's 80th anniversary. The Caped Crusader's first appearance was in 1939 within the pages of Detective Comics.  Since then Batman has become a pop culture icon that has been featured in movies, television shows, video games and much more.  To commemorate this milestone year, there were a number of ways people could celebrate Batman Day.

My family participated in a number of Batman Day activities for some weekend fun starting off with a visit to Time Travelers Comics, Cards & Collectibles. Participating comic book shops were handing out free commemorative issues of BATMAN: NIGHTWALKER and THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1 in honor of Batman's 80th birthday. THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS special edition also included a cut out mask of the issue's villainous version of the Dark Knight.

free comic books

Next we headed over to the LEGO STORE at Somerset Collection. They were hosting a free LEGO vehicle building session where you could build a Batmobile to take home with you. While these LEGO toys looked more like a mini-van with bat wings than the sleek vehicles seen in Batman's adventures, my kids were still geeked about this experience.  My son said his LEGO Batmobile was AWESOME because he could adjust its wings to be a walking mech robot, an airplane or a car with turbo boosters. While my daughter appreciated her mini Bat-vehicle was a challenging puzzle to put together because building with LEGO is half the fun of playing with them.

lego store
lego batmobile
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While at the mall, we stopped by the Grand Opening of BROWN BAG POPCORN.  We bought a mixture of their Cocoa Popped, Double Dribble and Caramelicious gourmet popcorn flavors to bring home and snacked on them while watching the Batman and Robin episodes of THE NEW SCOOBY DOO MOVIES television show which we have on Blu-ray. Brown Bag Popcorn is a perfect treat for a family night in watching classic cartoons.

Batman and Robin

From our taste testing experience, have to say Brown Bag Popcorn is delicious! Plus all the profits from this store support a charity called Say Detroit founded by newspaper columnist and novelist Mitch Albom. Following the example of Newman's Own Foundation, Albom has created businesses that support the community through creating jobs and funneling 100% of profits to charitable causes.  So not only does Brown Bag Popcorn taste good but by buying it you are helping people do good works too!

Mitch Albom

Before we watched those Scooby-Doo cartoons I mentioned though, we spent some time playing the BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES LEVEL PACK FOR LEGO DC SUPER VILLAINS VIDEO GAME. While most of the LEGO DC SUPER VILLAINS video game focusses on playing through an adventure from the perspective of super villains from the DC Comics universe, this level lets you play as the Caped Crusader in a setting with characters and locations based upon BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES. We always have a super time playing LEGO video games!

While playing LEGO Batman on our Xbox One, we also were blasting some Gothem City themed tunes on Spotify. DC Comics worked with Spotify to compiled the Ultimate Batman Playlist of music from Batman-related films, television and games for the super hero's 80th anniversary. From songs by Prince and R.E.M. to orchestral tunes by Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer, these are perfect tunes to put you in a Batman frame of mind.

Holy Scooby Snacks Batman! This dad blogger had a great time on Batman Day. Best of all it involved spending some quality family time making for a super day of weekend fun.

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