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Return to vaders castle
IDW Publishing's STAR WARS ADVENTURES comic book series is filling October again with spooky tales from a galaxy far, far away. Last year the publisher released a limited series of its Middle Grade reading level Star Wars comic book titled TALES FROM VADER'S CASTLE that had a scary vibe to stories that were released each week leading up to Halloween throughout the month of October. Based upon its popularity, this year you can RETURN TO VADER'S CASTLE with more chilling Star Wars stories to add some Sci-Fi fun to your Halloween festivities.

Each week's comic book in the RETURN TO VADER'S CASTLE mini-series will feature a tale featuring a different Star Wars villain. The slate of villains include Asajji Ventress, Darth Maul, Governor Tarkin, Jabba the Hutt, and of course the Dark Lord of the Sith. Each story is narrated by a creepy henchman of Darth Vader as he interrogates a prisoner held in the Lord of the Sith's personal fortress located on the hellish lava world of Mustafar.

The first issue involves the young crew of a scrap hauler who become marooned on a garbage world. While exploring the place they begin to mysteriously disappear one by one. What is lurking amongst the junk that covers this planet-wide trash dump?

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It is Darth Maul! The Sith warrior whose body was cut in half by Obi Wan Kenobi in The Phantom Menace. Miraculously his body fell into a garbage heap which was transported here. Maul's strength in the Force kept him alive and he constructed a spider-like robotic body from trash he tinkered with in the dump. What are his plans for the captured crew members? Maybe he is hoping they can help him escape the planet? Or maybe he is just planning on having them for dinner?

darth maul

While many comic books are written for teen and adult audiences, these STAR WARS ADVENURES stories are written specifically for the Middle Grade reading level of children in third through eighth grade. A perfect intro comic book series for elementary and middle school aged kids! STAR WARS ADVENTURES comic books like this RETURN TO VADER'S CASTLE mini-series are specifically meant to be appealing and age appropriate for young readers. STAR WARS ADVENTURES is a favorite read of my 10 year old twins and as a parent I appreciate never having to be wary of content they may come across in the paces of these comic books.

While TALES FROM VADER'S CASTLE and RETURN TO VADER'S CASTLE are targeted to young audiences, this Star Wars fan dad blogger enjoyed reading these Halloween themed comics himself. So all ages can appreciate and enjoy flipping through the pages of these Star Wars comic books.

return to vaders castle

I'll absolutely be swinging by my local comic book shop each week this month to pick up a copy of each newly released story in the RETURN TO VADER'S CASTLE limited series. IDW Publishing's STAR WARS ADVENTURES: RETURN TO VADER'S CASTLE has earned a geek daddy nod of approval for providing some spooky fun for Star Wars fans tied into Halloween. Interesting stories that are kid appropriate complimented by great artwork make these comic books a wonderful addition to Halloween festivities. I hope producing these comic books becomes an annual tradition for IDW Publishing because this dad blogger's family really enjoys them.

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Also remember to stop by a local comic book shop on Saturday, October 26, 2019 for Halloween ComicFest. Participating locations will be giving away a selection of FREE comic books with a variety of titles suitable for young readers. They will also be some comic books distributed aimed for teens and adults as well. So Halloween ComicFest will have something for everyone in your family to enjoy.

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