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quarto kids
A Geek Daddy received a free book to review
Now this is a whale of a book! Author Emily Hawkins and illustrator Lucy Letherland take young readers on a guided tour of the world's five oceans with their new children's book ATLAS OF OCEAN ADVENTURES. Explore coral reefs, kelp forests, mangrove shorelines and deep undersea trenches delving through pages filled with colorful illustrations depicting ocean environments spread out across the globe.

This hardcover book features thirty-two 2-page spreads that each highlight unique geographic locations and creatures within the Earth's five oceans (Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific &Southern). Learn about the Bobbit Worms of Bali, Colossal Squid of the Ross Sea, Flying Fish of Trinidad, and Sea Horses of Madagascar among numerous other sea creatures highlighted within the ATLAS OF OCEAN ADVENTURES. Each of these spreads is full of eye-catching illustrations showing details about these habitats and the wildlife that lives there as well as includes 10 captions with facts about these destinations.


Additionally there are special boxes within spreads that focus in on details about a specific animal, bird or fish that lives within a specific habitat. Take a closer look at Clown Fish, Sea Dragons, Man-O-War, and Great White Sharks. Learn about some of the special traits of these creatures that make them stand out from other inhabitants in their environment.

atlas of ocean adventures

atlas of ocean adventures

Available from Quarto Knows, Hawkins and Letherland's ATLAS OF OCEAN ADVENTURES is an educational book that is fun to read. Examining all the details of Letherland's illustrations while learning interesting tidbits of ocean trivia from Hawkins' makes this a captivating book for young readers. Utilizing a light caption format rather than a paragraph intensive layout compliments the book's wonderful drawings and encourages kids to dive into its pages.

quarto knows

In addition to its featured spreads, the book also includes maps of the oceans, a scavenger hunt game to look for different images hidden within its pages, and an informational guide about the dangers threatening our planet's oceans. All together there are 96 pages in this book recommended for ages 7+.  Because this dad blogger's son and daughter found Quarto Kids ATLAS OF OCEAN ADVENTURES to be both educational and entertaining to read, it gets gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval. Plunge into the depths of the ocean and discover wonderful sea creatures, incredible habitats and unmissable underwater events by reading this book.

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