Thursday, November 14, 2019


farmer dynasty
Video games don't need to be all about punching, kicking and shooting people to be fun to play! Two new simulators from video game publisher BIGBEN have kids learning while having a good time. Bee Simulator and Farmer's Dynasty which will be available this holiday shopping season for PS4 and Xbox One let players experience life through a bug's eyes and a modern cowboy's perspective. If you are looking for non-violent video games that are both educational and entertaining check these two out.


See the world from the viewpoint of a bug as you fly around rural and urban landscapes collecting pollen. Protect yourself and defend your hive from other insects as well as threats from mankind. Learn about the importance of bees in ecosystems while having fun engaging in challenges and races in this visually stimulating simulation video game.

BEE SIMULATOR is available from Best Buy for Playstation4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Purchase the game via one of the Best Buy links in this post and this dad blogger will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. Your support of is appreciated!


Coming soon with a release date scheduled for November 21 is a video game that lets you simulate life as a farmer. Start with simple farming tools and grow quickly from there to build a FARMER DYNASTY. Improve your yield by acquiring new agricultural facilities like greenhouses and silos on your way to becoming one of the top farmers in the village. Learn that getting food to your dining room table isn't as easy as just going to the grocery story. An entertaining way to learn about the economics and technology involved with being a farmer.

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